About Kaldıraç Movement

Kaldıraç Movement is revolutionary socialist movement along Marxsist-Leninist lines that has been waging a political struggle around the Kaldıraç Magazine since 1994. As a part of the world revolutionary movement, it aims at the working class government through socialist revolution in the Anatolian geography.

It continues its political activity and organizing practice in line with the ideas in the Kaldıraç Magazine and books published by Kaldıraç Publishing House. Headquartered in Istanbul, the publishing house also has offices in Ankara and Izmir.

Kaldıraç Movement has its origins in a historical process that it describes as “two defeats and one victory.” While the two defeats are the September 12 Coup and the dissolution of the USSR, the victory is the Kurdish Revolution.

Kaldıraç Movement describes the state of the Republic of Turkey as a colonized state built against the October Revolution on the basis of rejection of the working class, the destruction and denial of peoples, and anti-communism.

In its origins, the movement set out with the slogan “Forward to the revolution! Either socialism or death!” and engaged in intensive work and analyses on the state and revolution, the Kurdish Revolution, the disintegration of socialism in the USSR, revolutionary ethics and the new human, and the transition from capitalism to communism.

In addition to its monthly magazine, Kaldıraç Publishing House publishes books on the state, capitalist-imperialism, socialism, Anatolian history, class struggle in Anatolia, workers struggles, the peoples’ question, the women’s question, education, the struggle for nature.

Kaldıraç Publishing House also publishes revolutionary novels, poetry and essays that involves the experiences of the struggle of the world revolutionary movement, and the publishing house has close to 50 books.

In addition to the Kaldıraç Magazine, the Kaldıraç Movement also publishes a workers’ newspaper called İşçi Gazetesi. a magazine for high school students called Özgür Lise. University students, who organize along the lines of the magazine, prepare original publications in their respective schools.

The movement organizes the activity of the association AKA-DER (Anatolian Culture and Research Association), which supports the identity, culture and political demands of the peoples who live in Anatolia, against the policies of annihilation and denial of peoples that have been determinant in the establishment of the state of the Republic of Turkey. It wages a struggle to unleash the destroyed riches of these lands, to create the conditions and institutions necessary for the peoples living in these lands to freely develop their political and cultural identities, and to transform Anatolia from a prison of nations and peoples to a geography where respect and siblinghood of peoples prevail.

Regarding the organization of workers, Kaldıraç Movement carries out work under the United Workers’ Congress. In order to develop the economic, political, trade union struggles and organization of the working class, it tries to ensure the independent organization of workers in workplaces and workers’ basins.

Within the women’s movement, it operates as the Socialist Women’s Movement. It fights against the domination, exploitation, humiliation, oppression, class domination and male domination that is a reflection of this class domination that women have faced throughout history. It sees the development of a mass, militant women’s organization that stands against the system as a necessity that the struggle has put forth and works to develop this struggle.

Long live the Anatolian revolution!

Long live the world revolution!

Long live proletarian internationalism!

Forward to the revolution! Either socialism or death!