A red dawn will rise through revolutions in our region that has been turned into a bloodbath

In recent days, the actions of the Zionist occupying state, which increased the tension in Masjid-i Aqsa and Sheikh Jarrah, escalated with the “Jerusalem day”. The anniversary of the occupation of Jerusalem during the Six-Day War in 1967 is celebrated as “Jerusalem Day” by the Zionist regime.

This year, Palestinians started to keep watch in Masjid al-Aqsa to prevent these celebrations. The occupying state wildly attacked hundreds of people and more than 300 people were injured. It is reported that in the air strikes following the protests, 9 Palestinian civilians, including 3 children, lost their lives and sources are worried that these numbers might increase.

While resistance is taking place against the attacks Palestinian organizations called for mobilization and growing resistance. People’s Liberation Front for Palestine, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Islamic Jihad and Hamas called for resistance in Jerusalem, the West Bank and 1948 lands; and in their latest statement PFLP declared today as a day of anger to increase the resistance, and called the masses of people going to Jerusalem to break the siege.

In the statement made by the PFLP Press Office, PFLP called for determination and courage against the occupation practices in order to prevent possible attacks on the courtyards of the mosques by the settlers, and called the people to the Masjid al-Aqsa.

The PFLP continued its statement by calling on the peoples of the world and the international institutions to take urgent action to stop the ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem, Al-Aqsa mosque and the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

While Palestinians, with their elderly, young and children, resist the attacks with all their means, international organizations and puppet states in the region maintain their hypocritical attitude.

In recent years, states in the region started normalization processes with Israel, making new economic, military, etc. agreements. While most of the states in the region from Saudi Arabia to the Emirate, from Turkey to Sudan cooperate with the occupying state, the same states also cannot remain indifferent when Palestinians resist, so they make harsh statements that have no equivalent in practice.

Turkey is not different from the states of the region in this regard. While Erdoğan and Turkey address Israel with a harsh rhetoric, such as calling Israel a terrorist state, they do not have any practical deterrent against Israel in their political agenda. Deep-rooted military, economic, cultural, academic and political relations with Israel are not abandoned for a moment.

In addition, they take a similar attitude to the Kurdish people as the one Israel takes towards the Palestinians, which guarantees that this hypocrisy will not end.

Today, to be in solidarity with the Palestinian people is to claim one’s own resistance. The decades-long cause of the Palestinians has never lost its warmth for the revolutionaries of the region, and Palestine has become one of the revolutionaries’ second homelands.

Historically and in the current period, the leaders and members of the Anatolian revolutionary movement has been regarding the attacks on Palestine as an attack on themselves.

As the revolutionary movements in the region, we must grow revolutionary internationalist solidarity with Palestine.

While increasing international solidarity, growing the revolutionary struggle against the collaborator/puppet states in the Middle East, North Africa, Caucasus, Balkans and Anatolia stands as the most important task ahead.

Long live the solidarity of peoples!

Free Palestine from the river to the sea!


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