A Salute From Anatolia To Revolters All Over The World

Capitalism hasn’t been wiped off the face of the earth yet. Even though it is unfortunately early to say ‘It is over’, Capitalist-Imperialism has been declining because of the failure of neoliberal politics as well as the deepening of the system’s crisis.

The more this crisis transforms to a bigger uncontrollable and unmanageable one, the more we are witnessing riots all over the world and mass revolts.

A social-politic power, struggle and process is necessary to organize these social explosions.

We need to empower the revolutionary internationalist organization of the world working class, while extending the struggle for revolution.

Salute to revolters who are resisting in Chile, Lebanon, Catalonia, Bolivia, Iraq, İran, Algeria, Sudan, Ecuador, Azerbaijan, Tunisia, France, Portugal and all parts of the world!

Salute to people who are raising the revolts, to revolutionaries and the communists!

Long live the revolutionary internationalist struggle!

Forward to the revolution, either socialism or death!