Akbelen-Ikizköy is resisting!

Ikizköy villagers who started a tent protest after Limak-İçtaş started the slaughter of trees in the Akbelen forest to expand the mining area of the thermal power plant in Muğla Akbelen have been continuing resisting for days. Despite gendarmerie attacks, İkizköy residents and those who went to Akbelen from many provinces to support the resistance continue to resist to protect the Akbelen forest.

Rent-loot-war economy is the reality of the Palace. Resistance is our reality.

Those who make calculations over our lives, those who distribute rent through bids by massacring nature, those who engage in war-mongering are fed by this looting-rent-war economy. The bosses of these companies and other big monopolies bring the gendarmerie against the villagers resisting in Akbelen, they try to suffocate workers’ resistance with attacks, they appear against us as gangs in collective bargaining processes. Nowadays, when we wake up every day with news of new price hikes, the tax debts of these companies are canceled overnight while they plan new tax hikes for us. This is the kind of gang organization we are facing.

Resistance shows the way. As the people of İkizköy who stand guard to defend their forest have done, it is imperative for everyone who wants a dignified life to take direct action for our lives, to take to the square, to the streets without waiting for a rescuer, to make the voices of those resisting heard in urban centers and localities. Those who resist; as workers, laborers, women, peoples, students, we need to take strength from each other, to grow the resistance!

To give strength to those resisting in Akbelen!

There is no liberation alone;
all together or none of us!


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