“American Democracy” and U.S. Hegemony

Since the beginning of the U.S. elections, Trump has been saying things like “I will not leave if I lose.” These are actually statements that are familiar for those living in our country. It’s always questioned whether Erdoğan will leave if he loses an election. In fact, Erdoğan is only remaining in power thanks to unthinkable election frauds he commits with the open help if U.S. He lost in June 7th 2015, and he did not leave. So, actually the response the questions “will he leave?” already exists in 2015. What he did must be the proof of what he will do. Violence and blood, repression increased and bombs exploded. Their votes “increased” and on 3rd of November, improving their frauds, they succeeded in holding power.

Trump has been saying things that seemed to mean “I won’t leave,” yet in truth the Capitol raid was not what was expected. At least it was not on our side. For FBI or CIA it must have been.

At the beginning of January, delegates would be assembled with the results, met in the Capitol to formalize the results of the U.S. election. Trump openly declared to his followers—mostly formed by racist, neo-Nazi groups—that they will walk to the Capitol and that he will join them in the march. He did not go himself, but the groups entered the Capitol building in their strange clothes. The representatives in the building escaped using tunnels. During these events, 4 people died, whom later were found to be killed by the police, one of women who died was a retired soldier, and the protestors stole some materials like computers inside the building.

As far as we can understand, at the beginning the security personnel and the police also cleared the way for the protestors. Perhaps there is an influence of Trump still being the president. That is also not known.

The new U.S. president is not inclined towards calls like “Trump should be dismissed from office” and we shouldn’t wait for January 20th on the basis that it will lengthen the process, and it’s said that he guaranteed Trump will not be put on trial. Maybe we will see a trial. However, Twitter has already enacted its punishment as a company, did not wait for a trial and shut off Trump’s account.

We believe that the issue should be discussed from various perspectives.

U.S. elections have always been some kind of a game. U.S. monopolies always work towards placing whoever is necessary for them in the office and in terms of election fraud perhaps the only other power as experienced as U.S. government and state is the U.K.

In all the capitalist world, elections are a game whose results are determined in advance. Explaining this is maybe more possible today when we look at the conditions of the “centers of democracy.”

In the two-party system, the general tendency is the election of each party’s candidates for two terms one after another. Whoever’s candidate will be elected, the result is known before the public knows. Moreover, the agenda that will be implemented is determined beforehand.

Sometimes, a president only makes do with one term. This means that he is not elected for two consecutive terms. Sometimes he is withdrawn via an assassination. These are usually connected to various crises etc.

In this last election, the U.S. monopolies did not act in concord. While one section of the U.S. monopolies, for example the weapons industry, supported Trump, some others supported Biden. Furthermore, Biden’s candidacy was ascertained after Sanders, who was voicing socialist narratives, receded. Sanders anticipated most of Trump’s actions. He even could tell which states would publish at first results in favor of Trump and why and how the results would turn in favor of Biden.


What makes the U.S. elections important this time, which was also the case for Obama era elections, is the partition wars the imperialist powers are currently conducting. This partition war has for a long time been the sign of the dissolution of the U.S. hegemony. The U.S. has been losing the status it had in the imperialist camp at the beginning of the Cold War. The U.S. is currently in war with the other 4 imperialist powers for dividing up the world. And it is the U.S. who wants to foreground this war. It wants to regain its former control on the U.K, Germany, France and Japan. The war is in between these 5 powers (the effort to make this war a war against Russia and China is a tactic of the U.S. and essentially the result of the U.S. desire to keep the other 4 imperialist powers on its side. Russia and China are primarily defending themselves during this imperialist war of partition. We have expressed our disagreement with those who support the thesis that China and Russia are imperialist powers. We recommend Temel Demirer’s article on China on Kaldıraç’s January issue.)

The war is between these 5 powers.

While the USSR existed, under U.S. hegemony and war against communism, these powers did not emphasize the contradictions between themselves. After the dissolution of the USSR, the “bonding glue” in between these powers dissolved. The U.S. saw this situation quickly and asserted its “world empire” dreams. They said that the world is “single poled” and is in control of the U.S. They declared that they will create an empire bigger than the Roman empire. In line with this, they initiated interventions in various parts of the world. Afghanistan and Iraq was invaded. Later, there were others. However, despite this war politics, U.S. control on other imperialist powers was not the same as before and started to weaken.

During the Obama era, the U.S. wanted to pull itself together. In a sort of intermission, it tried to redesign its powers. Although, aggression did not decrease during the Obama era. Libyan and Syrian wats are a result of Obama era, and Biden, as one of their leading creators, are coming back as the new president. Both Syrian war and the organization of ISIS carry the signatures of Biden. With them, U.S. wanted to create new enemies against its imperialist opponents. This new threat was going to be a means to pull other imperialist powers into U.S. protection.

Again the same era is when Russia and Chine started illustrating more tendencies to enter into the field and when the U.S. state declared “war” against Russia and China before Trump.

In the same process, inside the U.S. racism was rising with the “America First” slogan (same movement created in the U.K. with “England First” slogan). The ones who organized this are of course U.S. monopolies. It is not possible otherwise. After Obama, Trump was put in place as against Clinton for this kind of politics.

U.S. monopolies wanted to expand their military operations and NATO with the fairy tale of the Russian threat and emphasize economic war with emphasis on China. These existed before Trump was elected. In these ways, with Russia and China emphasis, U.S. wanted to unite all imperialist powers on the Western camp around itself.

Trump was put forth as a highly practical solution and was in a sense elected forcibly.

Today they are still in the same point. The politics that Biden and Trump can only have some nuances.

However, the protests developing internally and the resistance that arose in spite of heightening racism, was enough to decrease the popularity of Trump. Even if it was not enough, Trump was no longer a good candidate.

In reality, after Sanders ended his campaign or was forced to do so, Biden was a candidate that was going to make it easier for Trump to win. However, things did not go as they planned. In the last few months, a section of monopolies working for Trump’s victory also withdrew their support.

The turning point was Biden selecting Kamala Harris as vice president. More than Biden, Harris could have been the key figure for the new era’s politics. When this happened, Trump or Biden, it did not matter as much who was going to win. There was a need to internal recovery and it seems that Biden will prioritize internal issues in his first year and will continue foreign politics more or less on the same foundations. That means he will make preparations for a more efficient attack against Russia and China, and in this framework withdrawal from certain regions can come into play. It seems like in Latin America, aggressive politics will remain for a while but will leave its place to a more effective attack.

This means that with Biden, U.S.’ vulgar, arrogant, and aggressive politics will not come to an end. On the contrary, it will intensify. U.S.’ main desire will be to stop the dissolution of its hegemony.

For this reason, NATO will be attempted to be strengthened again. NATO, which Macron admitted to be experiencing “brain death,” will again be made into the main tool of aggression. U.S. will again seek a trusting relation with its old allies.


The initiative to invade the U.S. congress stopped after a certain point. The U.S., which organizes coups all over the world, was itself faced with this raid attempt. American Neo-Nazis had 4 deaths as the results of this attack.

Will this situation prevent the increased aggression of racism? We do not think so. U.S. will take on a more “managing” attitude aimed at forgetting the incident. After all this racist mod is actually U.S.’ weapon that it uses against the internally developing dissent, against social opposition. With the rising economic crisis, poor will increasingly take it to the streets and this racist mob is being nourished to be used against them.

The blood in the congress building will exacerbate the conflicts even more. This mob will this time will be supported secretly and driven to the people.

Of course this will have reflections outside the country too.

The U.K.’s former Washington ambassador, stated from the first day that the U.S. is “no longer the shining light of democracy.”

The U.S. has not stopped claiming to “bring democracy” in all corners of the world, especially afer World War II, in all the attacks and interventions it carried out. “Export of democracy” is no longer a U.S. commodity that can be offered with the same ease.

This situation will cause the dissolving U.S. hegemony to dissolve faster, it will feed into this process.

If someone were to suggest us that in the Biden era the U.S. will respond to this loss of hegemony with silence and peace, we can only laugh at this claim. What’s laughable would of course be this thought itself. The U.S. is far away from not seeing itself as the world leader and as just one amongst many nations in the world, and this is against the nature of the object. We are talking about an imperialist power. We are not talking about a being that has accidentally gathered its power.

If the U.S. steps back from the imperialist wat, then maybe a normalization internally can be seen.

The U.S. will not watch the dissolution of its hegemony in silence and this will of course cause the war to expand.


With this, we have seen that in Turkey there are sides that organize themselves take stances in accordance to the poles in the U.S. The palace has for a long time worked explicitly as a supporter of Trump. However, Erdoğan finally saw the end and sacrificed the Groom Minister, on whose whereabouts people are still speculating, because Biden was coming. Although, the Palace media is still continuing its openly pro-Trump attitude.

Hegemons of the Turkish Republic, organize themselves as followers of the U.S. cliques. Our suggestion is (since the emergency rulings are still in place, and Erdoğan can swiftly implement this) that with an emergency ruling they declare “From now on Turkey will vote in the U.S. elections.” The “national and domestic” mob who is the militant advocate of the “first class” U.S. “democracy” act quickly. To support and weep from distance does not seem to be enough.


All this process, actually illustrates that the capitalist system is an expired system.

Bourgeois democracy is an openly monopolist police state.

The “shining light of democracy” did not just go out in the U.S., but in all capitalist world. Capitalism’s expired lifespan is extending itself by destroying humanity, depleting all human values, corrupting all positive things relating to the human being. Capitalism only can extend its life by destroying humanity.

We can only talk about a real democracy, a democracy for the overwhelming majority, when the U.S. congress is filled with the red flags of workers, with demands of a world without war and exploitation, and demands of justice and equality.


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