“Arab Spring” And The Battle-Cries At Middle East

Is civil war close-by or has it already begun in Syria? Is Syria the attendance of the riot which has started in Tunisia?

The rebellion has suddenly begun against violence and compulsion in Tunisia. That riot, which spread to close countries, had made imperialist powers frightened.

When the riot spanned to the Egypt, the fear has increased. The imperialist powers, the dominant powers were in fear.

But the manipulation in Egypt has gained the day extremely. The real owner of power, the military had been put in circuit against the power.

The power was captured by the military but any liberal from Turkey shouted that “there is a military coup”. It is oddly that the press of United States and West countries which have rejoiced at ‘Arab spring”, ignored the military coup of Egypt.

Popular movement in Tunisia and Egypt are different than the others.

For instance, let’s treat Libya.

Is there a “civil commotion” in Libya? Stipendiarians who have trained in Qatar and military base of U.S, sent to Libya’s army which is already based on paid military service. According to statements, the number of soldiers is 2000 nowadays. Now, U.S. comments proudly that trained “public” is trained by itself in Qatar. So, it is known. These troops who had a civilian clothing here, are disposed the strategic point with guns in Libya. And finally, street demonstrations have begun. They tried to spread gradually, and conclusively the Western facade intermeddled by under the umbrella of NATO. The war has begun in Libya. No-fly zone was constituted and eventually Gaddafi was butchered.

Prior to the war in Libya, the national income per capital was 17.068 $. Currently, there is a civil war in Libya. The people, who were fighting in Libya, were brought to Turkey. And today, these people have occupied the Consulate building of Libya in Turkey. War had begun among the tribes in Libya. Libya’s oil and natural gas had been shared. If the news in media is correct, British Petrol (BP) has taken 30% oil and natural gas and France’s Total followed it.

Now, can we compare Libya and Egypt or Libya and Tunisia? Assuredly the answer is “No.”

The popular movement in Tunisia has engendered emancipation and an elevation of consciousness. At least today Tunisian people can breathe a little bit and their zone of freedom has become wide. Of course, a revolution didn’t occur in Tunisia. But the public get tired of despot and they toppled it. They couldn’t get the power maybe but a government in which pro-public powers take places is formed. In a true meaning, there is a “spring” in this process.

Citizens in Egypt have come into action. Imperialist powers stepped in too. Nonetheless the government of Mubarak has been overthrown. Strikes and demonstration of public has been effective. Workers and labours have been activated. But United States engendered a military coup instead of Mubarak how bring out Muslim Brotherhood. Today citizens are under the cosh more strongly. Egypt “spring” exists only the wind was blowing the days of the popular riot. Now, the process of revolutionary organization and political maturation is running for a more organized popular riot. Military took over the power to make an undisturbed transition to Muslim Brothers and stop this process.

In Libya, Britain and France invaded Libya with the sides of others under the leadership of United States. This occupation is different than the occupation of Iraq and also Afghanistan. In here, “mercenary-folk” has entered the country clandestinely to use the existing conflicts. Just the same as in Syria.

Are all of these “spring”?

Are all of these the same movement? Never ever!

The tactic which has been executed in Libya before carried out against Syria. On the one hand, people who are trained in Qatar are taken to Turkey. Then from Turkey, they are allowed to enter Syria. On the other hand, MIT (National Intelligence Organization of Turkey) and CIA carried out operations in Syria. A tangible proof of that are agents of MIT and CIA who are captured.

Now, we can ask that question:” What is United States planning?”

It appears that Libya attack is the first step or phase of operations to Syria. Second stage will be Syria and the final event will be Iran. Shortly, the United States is planning to attack Iran, because it wants to get under control of the Middle East.

Experimentation of Iraq and Afghanistan divided up the West countries at the end. Integrity of West front was dispersed. Because of that reason, Libya was important. The Western front is assembled with Libya attack by USA. Of course, we don’t mention the other gains. For that reason, what BP and Total bought is so important. Scraps are left to Turkey. The western front has a desire to share Syria and secondly Iran. Syria is a step of attack against Iran. If Syria is dropped, confrontation which exists around Iran will be broken in the Middle East. This is thought. Military trained people are sent to Syria through Turkey. All the dirty sides of situation is swung it from Turkey. This campaign which is carried by Turkey is isolating Syria against Israel and also prevents the Arab sheikhs no to be bad person. The role given to Turkey is financed by Saudi Arabia and the operation is managed by USA.

Now, it’s the turn of the battle.

If this war starts in Syria or it starts in Iran, it will surround the region completely. This war is a loot war of Imperialists. This war is for sharing the region by the Imperialist powers and also USA. Only the people of the region will fight between each other’s in this war.

The main task of revolutionaries and people in our region is standing against this war and fighting against the Imperialist powers. This is the urgent task.

If there is an aspiration of spring, the way to pass freedom will be struggles of the organized nations.

The “spring” can only be the struggle of people against imperialism.

And “the spring” will be striding as the water which is flowing under the ground.

Will become an earthquake and will smash the powers of the dominants.

In that case, the freedom will take on meaning and the sun will warm the bones of workers.

Monthly Socialist Review KALDIRAÇ, 131, April 2012