War and the New World

The Ukraine war is a war organized step by step by NATO, with the US as its main power. The fact that the war continued “invisible” until a stage is due to the fear of the US and NATO from a Russia-China alliance. Therefore, they preferred to escalate tensions once in Syria, then Ukraine and Libya and Taiwan step by step. But eventually, after a while, Russia launched the Ukraine operation. Thus, the war became visible to those who did not want to see it.

This war is actually a war between US-NATO and Russia.

The war continues on the territory of Ukraine. And US-NATO or the West have found the Neo-Nazis, the perfect puppets, for this war. Neo-Nazis are the forces behind Zelenski’s power and they are in control. Ukraine was first stripped of all statehood features. Then what was next was to use Ukraine against Russia.

Between 2014-2022, Neo-Nazis and the Ukrainian state massacred 15,000 people and killed children in the Donesk region. The mob that burned 48 people in the union building in Odessa is actually US-backed, Canadian and British-backed, NATO-backed Neo-Nazis.

When the battlefield is Ukraine, the US and NATO have nothing to complain about. If they lose, the Ukrainians will die, if they win, the Russians. In both cases, Ukraine will experience great damage, destruction and suffering and blood will have spilled between the two peoples. So, in any case, there is a clear gain on the table.

The main cause of the war is the imperialist war of partition.

Witnessing the evolvement of this imperialist war of partition into a third world war was possible yesterday, as it is today.

The imperialist war of partition is based on the fact that the US hegemony is being dissolved. The economic hegemony of the US began to dissolve after the Vietnam War. By openly violating the Bretton Woods agreement, the US printed unbacked dollars and thus provided the financing of the Vietnam War. The 1971-73 crisis actually signaled the economic end of US hegemony. The US tried to get out of this process through petrol-dollar. The US has ensured that all oil, especially Middle Eastern oil, the oil of Arabs, is sold in dollars and the money is kept in the US banks. Qatar, while a British colony until then, has become an “independent” well. The organization of oil wells as a state is based on the aftermath of the October Revolution and the fear of the October Revolution. When the October Revolution intensified the anti-imperialist struggle of the peoples, it became appropriate for the world capitalist-imperialist system to organize oil wells “independently” in the form of states. Fear of “riot” is also less, as foreign workers work in oil wells.

The economically dissolved hegemony of the US stood for several more decades. But this “standing” has been by virtue of the military wing, political organizations, etc. of the Western alliance of the USA against communism.

When the USSR dissolved, the fight for the market and the partition began to come to the fore among the major imperialist powers.

The main imperialist powers that want to share the world as a market and territory are the US, Germany, Japan, England and France. Of course there are also Canada, Italy etc. But the main battle is between these five imperialist powers.

The famous US Secretary of State, Kissinger, began to ask, “Does the US need a foreign policy?” in the 1990s. In the late 1990s, the US decided to organize its hegemony in the West as the hegemony of the world. The USSR was dissolved, Eastern Europe was destroyed. Germany and France plunged into these areas. We would not be mistaken, provided that it is a bit of an exaggeration, if we say that economically, Germany reached a significant part of the widest borders it reached in the Second World War without firing a single shot. The economies of Germany and Japan, aside from the military industry, were seriously straining the US hegemony. But the political and military superiority of NATO and the US was still ahead.

The US entered Afghanistan and Iraq. It has taken the use of Islamic forces on its behalf to the next level with Al-Qaeda and ISIS. And it threatened Europe and Japan this way. But it could not achieve the desired result neither in Afghanistan nor in Iraq.

Worse still, Germany, England, France and Japan showed even more tendency to become stronger.

To stop them even a little, US made a revision in its war policies. That’s what the Obama process is. The Libyan war pleased France and Britain very much. Then came the Syrian war. Under the leadership of the US; Britain, Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia organized the war of destruction against Syria. These created the ISIS gangs.

But when it comes to the Syrian war, Russia and China saw the process. Both in Ukraine and Taiwan; the US took action. It was establishing new bases in every part of the world, NATO was constantly expanding.

The arrival of Russia and China on the field changed the situation.

At this point, the US decided to change the direction of the war, first with Trump and then with Biden. Russia and China were declared enemies again.

These two countries, which chose the path of becoming capitalists, were still independent due to their past experience of socialism and the US offered to all its allies, all NATO and Japan, to destroy these two countries to make them colonies. Thus, the offensive period leveled up with Biden to sustain the policies that had already begun before.

The colonization and war policy organized in Ukraine since 2014 took another leap forward with the intervention of Russia.

This is how we came to this day.

The Ukrainian war, on the other hand, creates new balances.

The US won its first victory during the war against Germany and the EU. Russia started the Ukraine operation, Germany first and foremost raised the flag of surrender to the US. France and the entire EU backed up US policies. NATO was resurrected and “brain-dead NATO” found its brains again.

The entire West, including Japan, has acknowledged US control again. In this way, the US aims to stop its dissolving hegemony.

This process has not yet brought about advanced results, so advanced that it will stop the dissolving of the US hegemony. It will not be possible to bring about as well.

But the US immediately started making moves around China at the end of May, while the Ukraine war was proceeding. It puts pressure on South Korea, which is trying not to make itself a US hitman, and tends to include it in war maneuvers. It organizes incessant provocations in the China Sea.

Obviously, soon enough, that area will also warm up.

Ukraine means the warming of Europe too.

This means, the Middle East will get hotter too.

The war waged by the Turkish state against the Kurds, both in Syria and Iraqi Kurdistan, actually gives enough clues in this respect.

The USA, which promised Kirkuk to the Menderes administration in the 1950s, now promises the same to the Palace Regime. The Turkish state, a US hitman, embraces this with great ambition. Point out a Kurd to the Turkish Republic, just say attack, that’s enough. This is what the US does. The Turkish state is ready to shed blood for Kirkuk, of course, with the Ottomanism enthusiasms that swelled with the Palace Regime.

On the one hand, this war is a clear and unambiguous Kurdish massacre plan. This should be noted. Openly behind this policy are the US, England and Israel. The aggression of the Turkish state is desired to be transformed into a NATO aggression. And the target of this war is not only Syria, nor only the Kurds. This war also targets Iran. Assassinations of Iranian military rulers are clear proof of this. The Turkish state got Barzani on its side and Barzani is also in this genocide. The operations carried out by the MIT[1] in the Sulaymaniyah and Erbil regions are clear proof of this. This also proves that Barzani has handed over the sovereignty in the areas which he called himself “sovereign,” and that he has now handed over the areas, which actually he never ruled, to the invaders.

This war has two aspects. The aspect that concerns us most and closely is the war against the Kurds. In this way, the Kurdish freedom movement is sought to be stifled. And this has been turned into an open genocidal project. Just as the massacres of Armenians, Assyrians and Pontus were carried out with the support of Germany, England and the US, today the Kurdish genocide has been brought into action with the support of the West.

The second aspect is the war against Iran and Syria.

It seems that the US wants to push the Turkish state, the Palace Regime, on Iran. Of course, this does not mean that the plans for Syria and Iran will work.

Already, there have been reactions to the 5-fold increase in electricity prices in the Syrian territory occupied by the Turkish state, and protests have started in Afrin, Marea, Ahtarin, Soran, Al Bab and Azez. The “loot-plunder and war economy,” which is the economic policy of the Palace Regime, continues fully in the areas they occupied. Akenerji, STE Energy and Green Energy companies are extorting the region. This is only so in the energy field. In all other areas, the “loot-plunder and war economy” continues. Of course, there will be reactions to this as well.

It seems that the forces that put the Turkish state on the field have rekindled the Kirkuk dreams. The Palace Regime is eager to enter the field at full throttle and the bombardment that carries on with drones continues in the Barzani area with field operations. It should be considered that this will progress. In this broad sense, it is also the organization of an attack against Iran.

There is no doubt that driving the Turkish state on Iran will wreak havoc in the region.

Turkey as a whole is being turned into a war zone.

Just as Ukraine has turned itself into a war zone, as NATO and Russia are fighting over Ukraine under the leadership of the US, with a similar process the Palace Regime turns Turkey into a battlefield.

To the US, it makes no odds. War will lead Iran and Turkey to destruction. All very well but what harm does this do to the US?

The US, which has equipped all of Europe with bases and established bases in every island of the Aegean Sea, wants to wage the war beyond its own territory, as in the previous two world wars. Whether it will succeed or not is another matter.

Already, US arms companies have received orders worth 100 billions of dollars. Already, US military forces are located all over Europe. The desire of Sweden and Finland to turn their lands into battlefields shows how “convincing” US power is.

The ongoing war against Russia and China has been an important maneuver for the US. The US tended to take control of its former allies and new rivals, the other four imperialist powers: Britain, Germany, France and Japan, which tended to challenge its own hegemony in the struggle for partition.

But the economic war, named sanctions, has already brought along new searches for China and Russia. Russia’s war against the dominance of the dollar continues to progress. Despite the embargo policies, a new world system focused on Russia and China has begun to emerge. Soon, if the war continues like this, a new system of international trade, with its center in Russia and China, will surface. These new payment mechanisms also mean new trading mechanisms. This system is also likely to yield results in Latin America. Countries such as India and Iran are also likely to be incorporated into this process.

If China, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. which constitute the world’s factory, reveal their tendencies to be involved in this process, sanctions will give the opposite results. It is possible to add raw material sources to this. The production decline in the Japanese automotive industry has consequences in itself. The energy crisis tends to deepen the international financial crisis that began in 2008 even more.

Thereby, it is possible to say that four regions of the world are warming up: the Middle East, Ukraine, Far East and Europe are within these hot regions.

For the US, maintaining this situation is a priority.

Because, first, against China and Russia, the US has started to take its old allies and new rivals against under its control, and secondly, it wants to create the opportunity to continue the war in areas far from its own territory.

If China and Russia are great and independent powers today, they owe this to their socialist past.

As war cries rise and practices such as embargo etc. develop, the international trade system of the capitalist world also becomes inoperable. The supply of goods is already getting harder to reach and the price levels are rising. Russia and China have tended to develop a new international trade system around them. This situation will further aggravate the crisis of the capitalist world system.

This reinforces the tendency to spread the war even more.

The speech Kissinger gave online to the World Economic Forum, who is a veteran and a warmonger, really illustrates the scale of the crisis. Kissinger, of course, also expresses the interests of the monopolistic groups behind him. According to him, the capitalist West has two months ahead of it and he proposes the acceptance of Russia’s demands and the withdrawal of NATO from Eastern Europe. Many capital groups and monopolies in the US, the UK and Europe openly characterize Kissinger’s proposals as surrender.

The US and NATO are trying to prolong the war in Ukraine full steam ahead, while trying to generate new fronts in the Middle East and the China Sea. Russia’s calm and determined stance and China’s economic moves show that the process will not work in accordance with the wishes of the US and NATO. This inclination is strong.

With this new war process, Russia and China will have to grasp on to even more their socialist past, which brought them into existence and prevented them from becoming colonies. This situation will further lead the class struggle, which is already rising in the world, to accelerate.

The world is pregnant with a new socialist rise.

The new revolutionary rise will develop more from outside than inside of China and Russia.

Mass actions will occur in the imperialist metropolises: in the US, Europe and Japan. This is a high probability. Although these actions will not develop in such a way as to overthrow the bourgeois state, they will have serious effects. It is possible to wait for the development of revolutionary uprising in the surrounding countries; such as our country, the Middle East, Latin America, Far Asia. Certainly, the mass actions that will develop in these regions will be in a closer determination to the revolution. We are not saying that the outcome of this war will automatically be victory. But the class struggle will rise and intensify all over the world.

Here is the liberation.

The new world will destroy the old world and this time the new world that will be constituted with the victory of socialism in a wider area will rise in this way.

This is the sole path for the liberation for humanity, the planet.

Modern monopoly domination means the great dark age. Compared to this dark age, the medieval darkness can be considered more luminous. This is the darkness of the age of monopolies and the product of the rotten capitalist system, capitalist domination. The enlightenment that will bring the end of this era will occur with the victory of socialism.

Today, the capitalist system is trying to survive by plundering the world and destroying humanity. Loot-plunder and war economy is the reality of the entire capitalist system. Sovereigns, imperialist sovereignty is maintained only in this way. Monopoly domination is sustained by more and more violence. It’s a system that spills filth from all over it. Capitalist sovereignty is an entity that pollutes the entire planet. It lasts an extra life. And it is clear that it will not collapse on its own.

The world is entering a period in which socialism will rise again. The real question is not whether this will happen fast or slow. Yes, the eradication of capitalism from the face of the earth is urgent. But the victory of socialism will always be the work of the organized working class, of the revolutionary socialist working class.

Revolutions show that human beings can write their history at every turn with a more advanced organization that is the product of a more advanced action, a more advanced consciousness. The collapse of sovereigns requires further organization. If the measure of consciousness is action, the most developed action is a more developed revolutionary organization. This is the need of the working class of the whole world.

This is also what the working class of our country needs.

The workers in every capitalist country also need a developed revolutionary socialist organization.

The level of development of the world capitalist system has increased the objective conditions for the rapid spread of revolutions to other areas from where they started. For this reason, to be ready for the revolution, being organized in every geography that seems distant from the revolution is of great value. Revolutionary forces in each part must pay great attention to the revolutionary developments outside their own sphere, to the movements of the working class.

Yes, today’s bourgeois state, the Monopoly Police State, which also includes the gears of fascism, is more organized than yesterday. This situation does not mean a mere difficulty for the revolution. This situation indicates the need for more advanced, more progressive forms of organization. In every period, the bourgeois state is much more armed and much more organized than the working class. Just as this was dealt with yesterday, it is possible to deal with it today. For this, revolutionary socialists, workers, must keep their eyes on the developing revolution, the mole that is digging the ground. This should be the point of attention.

It is not enough to watch the imperialist powers re-partition the world. Just as it was the October Revolution which ended the First World War, now, to establish a more advanced socialism, it will be new socialist revolutions that will end the new war, the new wars. That is why it is necessary to approach with great caution to any revolutionary resistance anywhere in the world. It is a revolutionary duty to embrace every developing revolution without the chauvinistic sentiments. Today, with this awareness, it is necessary to greet the Kurdish revolution once again. Their every shortcoming is our weakness, their every victory is our victory.

 June 18, 2022

[1] Turkish intelligence service


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