Don’t expect more. This is the state. That’s it.

18 cranes were able to set out 18 hours after the earthquake, 300 thousand people were able to be provided by housing in the region where millions of people spent the night on the streets, close to 7 thousand people were rescued in 18 hours in the region where there are about 7 thousand collapses, and more..

The continuation of this is the plundering of the three cents salary of the citizen, and asking for a donation of 20 liras by SMS as if earthquake taxes are not collected. They are attending the funerals and telling the tales of “we are partners in your pain”, “we will build earthquake housing”, “we will not collapse again”. This is what happens in the fires, this is what happens in the floods, and this will happen in the earthquake.

The state once again failed to rule, and will not be able to rule.

Let alone search and rescue, a disaster “management” that cannot even provide clean water, blankets and food is in effect.

Those who watch all this disgrace and curse those who say that they have mobilized all the possibilities of the state on the screens, those who look at the images of the wreckage on the screens and think that they can do nothing, those who look at the images of the disaster and mourn, should take a step and set off with supplies and basic necessities.

Tens of thousands of people trying to collect in-kind or financial aid, hundreds of volunteers, from doctors to miners, from teachers to university students, waiting to participate in search and rescue efforts, must step forward and act with a will to overcome all existing obstacles.

In such a situation, to make a decision by following the developments, to leave a gap for even a moment, means leaving millions of people alone with desperation.

Left-socialist organizations, unions, professional chambers should lead and coordinate these voluntary works, and develop initiatives to ensure that volunteers can reach the earthquake zone.

Don’t expect more. This is the state. That’s it.
Only we can save each other.


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