Every relationship with Israel and NATO is complicity with the crimes against the Palestinian people!

All the facts are laid bare.

Imperialism means lies, imperialism means war, imperialism means inhuman massacres.

The chief killer US President Biden said from Tel Aviv: “It looks like the other side did the attack, not you. I came here because I want everyone to know that the US stands with Israel.”

5 days ago, the Israeli army said “we will hit the hospitals, evacuate” and for a week now, all the media outlets, from the US to the British, from the Germans to the French, have been announcing the world how legitimate it is to flatten Gaza.

This is bourgeois democracy for you!

“The hospitals are Hamas bases, the bakery is distributing weapons to Gazans, the Palestinians are killing children.” Let us underline a basic information about imperialism; they do not have a single word that is not fed by lies, they do not have a single discussion that does not mean the massacre of the peoples.

Now they want us to believe these masters, as if they were not the rapists of millions of people in the invasion of Iraq, which they started with lies, as if they did not burn people alive in Vietnam, as if they didn’t promote those who sell Yazidi women in slave markets, as if they didn’t transport the MK-84s that hit the hospital to Israel last week by a cargo plane, as if they didn’t turn every corner of the world into a war zone.

“According to the World Health Organization, since October 7 until yesterday’s attack, there were 41 ‘confirmed Israeli bombings’ of health institutions,” says a reporter.

The truth is clear; imperialism-Zionism is the enemy, the peoples are brothers!

The peoples of the world, the oppressed are taking action against the occupation state Israel from every corner, from almost every geography. This is very valuable. In our region, too, resistance must be united to uproot the collaborators of imperialism and Zionism. For the common resistance of the peoples, the breaking the false propaganda machine of imperialism is a serious threshold, a threshold that led the Minister of Health of Gaza to make a statement in front of those carrying the corpses of their babies in their arms so that the whole world would believe. This threshold must be crossed for the victory of the Palestinian resistance.

We note now that all ambivalent attitudes that begin with “but” will lead to the path of those who advocate the suppression of the Palestinian Resistance by massacre. The path of the peoples is common, NATO-US-Israel must be erased from our region.

Not empty words, but concrete steps!  

The rulers of the world are hypocritical. Those who discussed deporting even “cats of Russian nationality” a year ago, do not fail to add “but Israel – the occupation state – has the right to defend itself” as they continue their statements in which they falsely express their regret over the hospital attack.

In our country, the “collaborator pens” talk about those trying to drag the Turkish Republic into the war, when in fact the Turkish Republic is in this war.

The TR is a member of NATO, it is the first country in the region to recognize Israel, Israeli pilots are being trained in Konya, trade relations continue as a contribution to Israel’s war budget.

It is time for everyone who is in favor of the Palestinian Resistance and the Palestinian people’s struggle for freedom to hold these collaborators of Zionism to account. Eyewash must come to an end, all military, commercial, diplomatic and academic relations with Israel must be cut in solidarity with the Palestinian people!

Resistance will win!

The Palestinian Resistance that has been going on for decades, created the “Aqsa Flood” just when the resistance was said to be over. The Palestinian Resistance instilled hope in all the peoples of the world. With this resistance, the Palestinian people say that they will not abandon Gaza, that they will not experience a second Nakba, and that they will protect their honor and dignity. The anger of the resistance rises from the streets of Gaza which were destroyed after the immortalization of thousands. Now the peoples of the world must show their solidarity with this resistance.

The struggle for “Free Palestine from the river to the sea” will win!

Murderous US, Israel get out of our region!

Concrete steps, not eyewash!

Cut off all relations with Israel!

The Palestinian people are not alone!



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