From the River to the Sea, Palestine Belongs to Palestinians

Today, with the Al-Aqsa Storm, the Palestinian people went beyond Gaza, where they were imprisoned, started resistance in all occupied Palestinian territories and lit the fire of freedom. The Palestinians destroyed Israel’s iron dome and its unshakable image, against imperialism that is responsible for the occupation of Palestine and never cease to talk about the right of self-defense of Israel, and against the states in the region, including the Turkish Republic, which have normalized with Israel.

The colonizer Israeli state, imperialism’s gendarme in the region, is practicing a comprehensive, systematic and long-term genocide against the Palestinian people. Palestinians’ homes are being looted, their olive trees bulldozed and their worship sites occupied. Zionist settlers confiscate Palestinian land and homes. At the same time, Israel imprisons thousands of Palestinians under the name of administrative detention, without even subjecting them to trial.

The Palestinian resistance, has today broken this blockade and shaken the tyranny of the apartheid Israeli state. The Turkish state, which does not even make a sound against this tyranny and blockade, the Palestinians being massacred every day, the ongoing Zionist settler attacks, today calls for ‘restraint’ to Hamas and Israel. For the Turkish state, which sees no harm in developing relations with Israel, Palestine is only a hypocritical policy material. Any kind of relationship with Israel means disregarding the existence of the Palestinians.

Anatolian revolutionaries stand by the Palestinian resistance now, as they have always done throughout history. The answer to the attacks of imperialism in our region will be the collective, international struggle of the peoples and revolutionaries. The task of revolutionaries is to expand the struggle against the imperialists and their collaborator states in their own geography without ever losing the vision of the regional revolution, and to build socialism that will bring freedom to our region.

Resisting Palestine will win!

Free Palestine from the river to the sea!

Killer Israel, get out of the Middle East!



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