Gaza as an Open Prison, Iron Dome, endless resistance

Thus, the right question is not: “How did the Mossad get it wrong?” or “How was the Iron Dome pierced?” No, these are not the right questions. The right question is: How did the Palestinians manage to do it?

Deniz Adalı

November 2023 – Kaldıraç Issue 268

On the night of 6 October to 7 October in the year 2023, Israel witnessed the breach of its defence systems, called the Iron Dome, with a devastating attack from Gaza, which it had turned into an open prison.

The Hamas-affiliated Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades have launched an attack they call “The Al-Aqsa Flood”. The al-Qassam Brigades have carried out a very comprehensive attack. And of course, the attack is likely to have serious consequences. The attack, which will have multidimensional consequences, brings along very interesting discussions starting from the very first moments.

Of course, even though we are at the very beginning of this attack, while it is not known whether Israel is limited to air strikes, we would like to address the issue from the point of view of our country, from the point of view of the revolutionary movement in our region.

But first, for our young readers and for those who have forgotten the reality of all kinds of resistance with the effect of “social Alzheimer’s”, for our liberal leftists, for our statist leftists, in order to intervene in the influence of young revolutionaries through them, we should start with brief explanations on the Palestinian question, which will be a summary of the summary. I think that by the time this article reaches the reader through the magazine Kaldıraç, we will have comrades writing for the same magazine on the comprehensive history of the Palestinian question (we will also probably have seen new pages on the Israeli attacks and massacres). Thus, we can accept the comprehensive historical information of those articles as if they already exist. In any case, if the opposite situation arises and the history of the Palestinian struggle is incomplete, I think the reader has the means to access this history.

It is known that the state of Israel was established in 1948, after the Second World War. There is no prior history. There is a claim that the state of Israel was there 3 thousand years ago. There are even Jews who adhere to this claim, who believe that the new state of Israel will be established only after the arrival of the “messiah”, and who do not accept the current state of Israel. These are those whose religious beliefs are very prominent. According to this claim, the establishment of the State of Israel before the arrival of the “messiah” is a mistake. However, this is the claim of some religious (Jewish religious) groups. Jordan, which was established in the same region, emerged in 1921 as an emirate, presumably under the British rule, but it was not until 1946 that it became an “independent country”. Independent country is deliberately in quotation marks.

However, the establishment of the State of Israel was a step that was easily accepted because of the “Holocaust” in the Second World War. Jerusalem and its surroundings were chosen as the area, otherwise perhaps there were more Jews living in any other country at the same time. But “we were there 3,000 years ago” also provides a founding ideology.

A people who were themselves subjected to genocide, after the establishment of the state of Israel – and of course by the sovereigns of that state – have been committing a systematic genocide against the Palestinian people. If there is such a thing as emulating your executioner, the Israeli rulers, the state of Israel, are realising it by emulating Hitler.

Therefore, the actions of the people of Israel against the government in the last months, and even in the period of more than a year, are extremely interesting and valuable. In short, it is very valuable that it has become clear that the Israeli people are not in favour of this Zionist policy. Thus, it is understood that the people also do not agree with the idea of becoming like their executioner, like Hitler. (As a matter of fact, the Jews massacred by German fascism started to be massacred because they were communists. In other words, there is no problem when the dead are communists, there is no need to talk about the massacre. And moreover, regardless of the race and religion of the murdered communists and resistance fighters, it is necessary to note the presence of Jewish rich informers among the murderers. In other words, the sovereign is behind the fascist state as a whole and the resistance is against it as a whole. Then the process came to the hunt for Jews. And starting immediately after the war, the Israeli rulers attacked the Palestinian people with the same methods.)

There have been many wars waged in Palestine. And in 1967, borders were drawn with an agreement. The Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) is made up of many organisations and is waging a struggle for the independence and freedom of the Palestinian people. In other words, it is wrong to look at Hamas today and think that the Palestinian resistance has always been led by organisations with Islamic tendencies. While our front supported the resistance of the Palestinian people in 1968, the Islamic movements affiliated to the state took a more pro-Israeli stance.

Arafat’s betrayal ( which had never had a Marxist line), his fall, made the process more favourable for Israel. Hamas was founded in the 1990s. Its creation was both indicative of the weakness of the organisation within the PLO and had a further weakening effect on it. Hamas was part of the Muslim Brothers/Muslim Brotherhood organisation. In fact, Hamas was one of the interventions planned to break the influence of the PLO and to divide the left and socialist independenceist approach. Nevertheless, over time, it began to play different roles in the Palestinian struggle. While at the beginning it fought against the Palestinian left and shed blood in this regard, today it has taken a very different course. In fact, the pro-Iranian assessment is not accurate, since it is not based on the Shiite faith like Hezbollah. Nevertheless, it would not be an exaggeration to say that Hamas today is different from what it was at the beginning. Indeed, the Palestinian resistance has also influenced Hamas. In other words, it is never correct to establish a link between Hamas and Al-Qaeda or ISIS with a liberal leftist or Kemalist leftist mindset. If there is sincerity in a movement’s struggle against the sovereign, it has a value. Of course, this ideology affects the process of liberation and victory, that is, one cannot lead the struggle for the liberation of a people by remaining limited to an Islamic ideology, because today, no independence and freedom can be won without turning towards socialism, without rejecting the capitalist world, without fighting against capitalism. This fact cannot be turned into a privilege to ignore the actions of those who show a sincere struggle and resistance against the capitalist system and the sovereign. For this reason, the fact that Hamas’ action is an attack against the sovereign, against the state that commits genocide should not be overshadowed.

On the one hand, if a Marxist-Leninist organisation, not Hamas, had been active in this development, of course the struggle would have been very different. On the other hand, it is known that not only Hamas is involved in this struggle, but all Palestinian organisations and revolutionary organisations are also involved in this struggle now as they have always been.

Nevertheless, Hamas’s action was seriously planned, had consequences, and was undoubtedly a technical success.

The entire territory of Palestine + Israel, if I am not mistaken, is 27,000 square kilometres, of which 340 square kilometres is Gaza. It is like a rectangle with a length of 45 kilometres and a depth of about 8 kilometres. It is not a complete rectangle, of course. The Palestinian territory also includes the West Bank. A total of 6 million Palestinians live there (partly in Israel). The population of Gaza is estimated at 2.5 million.

This brief summary of history is, of course, inadequate. But the reader will find more anyway. Let us look at the Hamas attack that started on the night of 6-7 October, “the Aqsa Flood” movement and some of its consequences.


The attack on Israel is carried out from this 340 square kilometre Gaza.

Gaza is an open prison, an open prison where 2.5 million people live. This “prison” analogy is not a far-fetched analogy. I mean, it is not an exaggerated analogy, it is a real open prison.

Israel has been committing an explicit genocide against the Palestinian people for years.

This prison is surrounded by walls, protected by barbed wire and equipped with camera systems. In other words, it is a real open prison.

It was from this prison that an attack was organised.

According to the information we have received, almost all organisations in Palestine are waging a common struggle. Revolutionaries are also a part of it. For about 2 years, these organisations have themselves executed informers who leaked information to Israel about their movements, resistance and actions. This has created a “solidity”. In a place called Palestine, a child is trained naturally, that is, it is almost “automatic” that he/she becomes a fighter. But it would be incomplete to look at their upbringing in this war as simply not being able to live their childhood. As the struggle brings with it something else, a life of resistance.

But at the very first moment of the attack, “experts” said in unison, “How can Israeli intelligence, Mossad, be defeated?”. This question immediately brought up absurd reasoning by some “leftists”, such as “I wonder if Israel authorised this attack on purpose”.

This is absolutely untrue, and after the first details, this view was quickly discredited. For the Palestinian side has published videos of the attack. Hamas and others had planned a successful multi-pronged attack, from parachuting in ground-based vehicles to firing faked missiles to fool Israel’s proud defence system, the so-called “Iron Dome”.

Thus, the right question is not: “How did the Mossad get it wrong?” or “How was the Iron Dome pierced?” No, these are not the right questions. The right question is: How did the Palestinians manage to do it?

Because it is the Palestinians who did it. Even if Hamas did it, this is the case and this is resistance against oppression. In the first reports, the “naked woman” is a lie, and the image of the “child whose throat was cut” is fake. This is Israeli propaganda and news organised by the US press, without the need for the Israeli state. The entire Western press already does this in every situation. They have been doing the same thing about this war for years. It is as if Israel is the “humanitarian side and the representative of the truth” and the other side is the criminal, and this image is constantly pumped and created.

There is an important conclusion that emerges from this; under all circumstances and conditions, there is a way of resistance of the oppressed against the sovereign, and it can be developed.

Only those who have lost hope, only those who refuse to fight against the sovereign, only those who worship the power of the sovereign and look for a “saviour”, cannot understand this action. The determination of the Palestinian organisations to purge Israeli informers is a big step in this respect. But those who constantly look for excuses not to fight against the sovereign cannot understand all this.

In our country, the CHP’s (Republican People’s Party) pre-election approach of “don’t go out on the streets, there will be provocations” does not want to understand any successful action against the sovereign, the “powerful”.


In our country, one of the first reactions is that “the death of civilians must be condemned, no matter who does it”. This “polite foolish” attitude is presented to us as humanitarianism. Time will show us what lies the Israeli state, which is very skilful in war propaganda, and the West behind it are telling. But these “humanist” people, those who defend it, have turned a blind eye to the massacres in Gaza, which has been turned into an open prison for years. Where were the “humanists” when Israel’s unimaginable cruelty, massacre policies and terrorism were clearly evident, had been going on for years, and even when the people of Israel had started an explicit struggle against this policy, where were the “humanists”, why did they not mention the issue of the deaths of “civilians”? How many children have died in Palestine and how many times were you content with keeping silent?

This appalling silence is very meaningful.

It is not a positive state of affairs when you now mention the killing of civilians by both sides.

Of course, no one defends the killing of civilians. But it is extremely unreasonable to call this action in response to Israel’s actions “the killing of civilians”. We would never defend the killing of civilians, but how does it make you “human” to pretend to oppose the “killing of civilians” and to repeat a general truth as a refrain as a way of keeping silent about the genocidal war waged by the Israeli state?

It should be noted that these people are also very silent about, for example, Kurds being killed, Kurdish women and children being massacred, etc. Besides, the Kurdish movement has no line of action against civilians.

One might think that they have a similar sensitivity about, for example, the railway station massacre, the Suruç massacre, Roboski, Saturday Mothers, women being dragged on the ground during protests against murders, students’ and workers’ protests for their rights. Where is it? This is nothing but hypocrisy. This hypocrisy is nothing more than praising and justifying Israel’s actions.

They think they will be “exalted” by immediately taking a neutral stance. However, the shame of your utter silence is enough to sink you to the ground. And you are well, very well, perfectly aware of this.


The Hamas-led attack from the Palestinian front caught Israel by surprise to such an extent that Israel seems to have lost hundreds of its soldiers as prisoners. The Iron Dome was breached, Hamas forces came out of prison and carried out actions on the Israeli territory. They returned to their prisons with Israeli soldiers and civilian prisoners.

For this reason, many believe that a great power, such as Russia or Iran, was behind the action.

However, Blinken himself has said that we have no evidence that Iran was behind the action. This is the case even though Iran has openly declared its support for the action.

Whereas Russia has called for a ceasefire on both sides.

And what is more, Israel’s biggest press organs have openly stated that “Netanyahu himself is the cause of this attack”. The press openly criticised the Israeli leadership and its policies.

First question: What does the Israeli press see that our “experts” do not see and look for forces like Iran and Russia behind the action? Why do they ignore the policies of massacre and terror that Israel has been implementing for years? Why can’t they say “in the face of so much pressure, a counter-attack will eventually come”?

Second question: Why is it that not only the Palace press, but even the “opposition” press cannot take the same stance as the Israeli press, for example, in the face of the attacks and actions of the Kurdish movement, for example, in the face of the recent action against the interior ministry? For example, why can’t they say: If you deny the Kurds the opportunity to live, if you use chemical weapons, etc., you will eventually face an attack. They could ask this question, since there are no civilians killed. On the contrary, as seen in incidents such as the railway station massacre, the Suruç massacre, etc., it was the state itself that attacked civilians.

The Communist Party of Israel has openly stated that the state of Israel is responsible for the war.

Imagine, when Turkey, the regime of the Palace, intervenes in another country, our leftists cannot even take a position that openly accuses the state. Of course, we are not talking about all of them.


Hamas has carried out an extremely effective action at a critical moment in time. This action is capable of changing the general perception that the Palestinian people are dead and have not been buried.

Of course, this attack alone will not solve the problem. Moreover, the struggle for freedom cannot be conducted properly with a Hamas-style ideology.

In defiance of the whole world, Israel has cut off Gaza’s electricity and water supply.

From the words of its highest officials, Israel has characterised the Palestinian people in Nazi terms as “animals”. This is the proof of what more they will do.

How surprising it is, dear humanitarians, that the state of Israel, which claims to act on behalf of a genocided people, is so eager to emulate the Nazis who massacred its own people.

We would like to emphasise again that we are not talking about the people of Israel, but about its sovereigns, its state. The sovereign is very, very similar in every capitalist country. The imperialist centres that cherish the Nazis all over the world do not hesitate to use every opportunity to massacre those who resist them.

For this reason, it is legitimate and necessary to fight against the sovereign everywhere in the world, by any means and by any means. Resistance without a vision that will lead to victory has an important place in this struggle.


It is understood that this attack has actually revealed a preparation of the Israel-US front. It seems that Iran’s influence must have come into play at this point.

So it looks like this:

  • The US front, through the state of Israel, which exists as an extension of itself, was planning a comprehensive attack against Iran, having suffered a clear defeat in Ukraine, in accordance with its worldwide war policies.

This is already known, they are constantly planning it, and it is known that the Netanyahu government is very keen on this. It is known that they are waiting for an opportunity to do this despite the protests of the Israeli people. The United States seems to have planned a comprehensive attack to open a war front against Iran.

  • It seems that Iran has this information. Even if we have just realised this, or even if our knowledge is the expression of a general desire to attack Iran, it seems that Iran has sensed the preparation for a more comprehensive attack. And it seems that Iran has gathered all the organisations it calls the resistance front and asked them to prepare for a more comprehensive attack. This information is now in the press.
  • Hamas’ action disrupted these plans. Israel could not carry out the attack, which it had eagerly wanted to carry out on behalf of the US, in the way and at the time it had planned and had to reset to an earlier date. It seems that the attack plan of Israel and the US front within the framework of the world war has been disrupted. This action seems to have spoilt this plan.

Statements like “the whole Middle East will change” are a kind of confession of this more comprehensive attack plan. The fact that Israel and the US jointly put into effect the policies of massacre must be a confession of this secret and great plan of attack. Perhaps what misleads the US and Israel is their infinite confidence in this “grand plan of attack”.

On the other hand, Hamas has explained that for their technical and military preparations, it was an advantage to obtain Western weapons sent to Ukraine at a very cheap price.


The EU, the USA, the whole West, all together, are talking about cutting off all aid to Palestine in support of Israel. Within the EU, only Spain has spoken out against this. What happened to Western values? What happened to the killing of civilians, what happened to condemning genocidal practices?

The US immediately dispatched its aircraft carrier to the region. In every case, the US is making moves that will further fuel the war. Now Israel is talking about imposing an “unprecedented punishment”. And this should be seen as a step that will further escalate the war in the region.

Israel is eager to repair its tarnished image by slaughtering more Palestinians and likening its genocidal policies to the Nazi style. This situation mobilises those who are shouting for war against Iran even faster.

Now “experts” are talking about the possibility of Hezbollah’s mobilisation in the face of possible Israeli ground attacks. In fact, Israel itself is preparing and attacking both Syria and Lebanon.

However, the solution is very clear. In exchange for recognising the state of Israel, Palestine has accepted the establishment of a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital. It is Israel itself that does not even recognise this agreement on a two-state solution.

Peace in the real sense passes through the resistance of the Israeli people against their own state.

The US, which is shouting war cries all over the world, is acting to fuel bigger wars in the region. This is a fact. Of course, it is unthinkable that Britain and NATO do not participate in this.

The resistance of the Israeli people has a great meaning in this respect. We are sure that the revolutionaries of Palestine will not hesitate to put forward a solid and healthy approach on this issue.

This means that without the end of capitalism, there will be no end to war. This means that without capitalism, without the sovereigns, peoples will live in peace in an unlimited world.


The Turkish state, which has always been a US triggerman, has a registered history in this regard, and has considered it a marvellous feat since the Korean War, will not refrain from being under the command of the US in this war as well. Of course, their task is difficult, but doing so is like their first duty.

The Palace Regime will not refrain from openly or secretly supporting the state of Israel, which it sees as its brother. The Palace Regime, which is already rubbing its hands for a war against Iran on US orders, will take this as a new opportunity. If the war grows, it will be eager to join the war from the US front.


While the “experts” are discussing the prospects for war against Iran, and to some extent they are right, the possibility of the United States taking action against China via Taiwan has become even more likely.

Those who have provided unimaginable open support for the war in Ukraine, those who have seised the opportunity to turn Ukraine into a battlefield, will now reveal their focus on Taiwan. This possibility is more likely than one might think.

War against Iran will mean great destruction for neighbouring countries like us. However, the Palace Regime, the Turkish state has long since broken away from the reality to calculate this. Being a US triggerman is above everything for them.

The West, NATO and the US, which are trying to evaluate all kinds of war preparations, treat every development in the Middle East as a new opportunity for their own purposes. The Palace Regime will also hurry to take steps accordingly.

Hitting China over Taiwan becomes an important move for the US in this context.


The left movement in our country has to evaluate this situation correctly.

Firstly, every force fighting against the sovereign is valuable, wherever it is in the world, whether or not it is involved in the struggle of the working class itself.

Secondly, the war against the sovereign is possible, feasible and moreover necessary under all circumstances.

Thirdly, the only thing that can prevent war, that can prevent World War III, is the wave of socialist revolution. Without this, socialist revolution peace is impossible. Therefore, revolutionaries, workers and labourers, women and youth on all fronts of the war cannot defend the war against the people in another country. On the contrary, they have to put the war against the sovereign in their own country at the forefront. This is the road to revolution. Every worker who supports his own bourgeoisie, his own rulers in the face of war is a traitor to the cause of the working class. This happened in the First World War, and the correct attitude was laid down in the attitude of the Third International under the leadership of Lenin. This is still the case. Therefore, the aspiration of the working class for a world without war and exploitation, without private property, can only be realised through the revolutionary organisation of the working class.


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