Global Gangs And “The Sharing War”

It is a fact that we are in an imperialistic sharing war era. World’s main imperialist forces, leading by USA; England, Germany, France are instigating the war all around the world. Peoples are being cracked, the hostility between people are being seeded by local wars.

And especially during last few years, we can determine that this war has a different situation. It’s not just about the hostility between people, they have gone too far and create some projects that aims to demolish history, geography and the human itself. To accomplish this, global gangs are cut-ting in.

The globalized terror gang which is led by USA, started to exist on everywhere on this world.

Those imperialist forces who boost global terror, organizes those gangs and all of the capitalist-imperialist system turned into a creature, to keep it alive, every time more and more inhuman conditions are being imposed to humanity.

If you focus on Ukraine, you can see that there is a neo-Nazi gang that has been trained in Canada and USA. Ukraine is already a ghost.

Whoever instigated Iraq and Afghanistan war understood that this kind of invasions cannot bring a total win, they understood that old school methods are not enough for USA’s emperor dreams.

Obama actually took charge to stop this downshifting of USA. With Obama, another way of war, a war over gangs took the stage. This is Ukraine.

ISIS is the same thing. ISIS is the product of Obama. The global terror was developed with Bush and turned into a destroying policy with gang organizations at Obama’s era. ISIS is the concrete example on the field, Boko Haram is another one.

This global gang organizations want a complete destruction, destruction of history, geography, people. It is clearly visible in Middle East.

Whoever fired up the Syria war, when they see that their road is dead end, they created ISIS gangs. Like an advertisement workshop, ISIS rise out of the ruck with beheading and execution videos, they even have pictures while playing football with those dead heads. 6 countries; USA, England, Israel, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia launched a special product of theirs. Suddenly, with the slaughter and blood, ISIS started finding fighters from all around the world. Suddenly, it’s support grew and ISIS became a gang that controls global oil flow.

We saw that ISIS;

Destroys history. Destroys historical cities, burning historical residue and libraries. This is ‘de-historization’. It is like, imperialist forces of the west want to destroy the roots of humanity. This is a total madness, they are not even barbarians.

They are destroying geography, with a big Mother Nature massacre; they are trying to poison that habitat. It is like, they want something that has never been done before.

They are destroying people. We saw this in Ezidi slaughter and others, they are killing without logic, they try to demolish all people around.

They try to create a world without people, history and culture, a flat area. An area that big construction companies can build tall skyscrapers and big building. They try to erase history and culture like this. They call this ‘sharing the civilization’. Yes, this is a civilization and their ambassador is ISIS and Boko Haram. Their civilization is a total slavery and with this civilization, they try to tie chains to people’s feet, by the force of gangs.

Global gangs are just extensions of global terror organization. This is the continuation of Afghanistan and Iraq wars and ISIS born from this situation.

This ‘sharing war’ has some other sides also. Wherever USA needs gangs, they create one and they always have allies to support them. EU always chooses to be the submissive ally of USA. EU keeps playing the supporting role of USA and tries to take a bigger slice from the cake.

When we take a look at countries in our geographical area, all of them try to be a part of this pillage policy, they try to get crumbs from this war. So, they are surrounded by gangs, straightly. For example; Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia support

those gangs, is it possible for them to get rid of it? Of course no. We can see this situation from every angle in Turkey. Actually, political leadership in Turkey is okay with it. Turkey supports ISIS in abroad fields and uses them in domestic events also. They don’t look out for rules and laws anymore; it is observable in this very election phase.

Whoever released ISIS to Middle East gave orders to slay people. Especially Kobane resistance crushed their plans, Kobane showed that ‘field cleaning’ is not that easy. Kobane resistance already showed that only way to fight against massacres, gangs, pillage and these global operations is mutual battle or peoples.

They try to build a war on every spot at Middle East. Yemen is our last ring. Leaded by Saudi Arabia, attacks to Yemen provoke the war on Middle East. Saudi Arabia, with orders from USA, intervened the domestic war in Yemen to decrease Iran’s power. Yemen is getting crushed under bombs. The same policy is on, they try to build new Dubai style cities; no history, no culture, no humanity.

That is how this war surrounds Middle East.

Turkey is directly into this war. Turkey supports ISIS in Syria, it is not a secret anymore. This is being in the middle of war.

In this situation, including Yemen attacks, every country is in this war, all area is burning. Imperialist forces lightning up the fire in the area and applying gang organizations to control it.

This war is actually a world war, a war between imperialists to reshare the world. Countries don’t fight directly; they rule their gangs to reach their goals. Gang-States are all around the world now and Middle East was the rehearsal.

Religious and ethnic differences are being used to the fullest in this war. Institutions of superstructure from yesterday; feudal relations and culture are being used with religion and ethnicity. There were no fight or blood between people of Middle East and today, gangs are destroying them all.

ISIS takes the control of oil flow in Middle East and on the other hand, they keep killing without segregation. They claim that they act with and for Vahabi-Sunni Islam but everybody gets hurt by ISIS.

BUT, if people are organized, if people are able to create an anti-imperialist idea, if people can create a mutual battle front-line, it would be possible to get rid of imperialism, we will not be toys anymore. The antidote for gang wars are peoples’ organized anti-imperialist fight.

Monthly Socialist Review KALDIRAÇ, 167, May 2015