Greece: Revolutionary Struggle And Willing The Power

Western media runs a systematic blackout campaign about the situation in Greece. We guess there is not a better example which shows us the purpose of the monopolist press in modern bourgeois state currently. Today`s bourgeois state is a monopolistic police state. To keep the people under control constantly in every known way without the importance of being discreet or not, is the quality of today`s state. Bourgeois government is the absolute dictatorship for the public and the most “democratic” one of present day`s governments is far reactionary than Hitler fascism.

Media is a tool for psychological war and blackout campaign in this state. The truth cannot be kept hidden for eternity. Today`s capitalist-imperialist system that tries to get by with artificial methods is working in order to bend the truth to their wills through the monopolist media (TV, print media, internet, media companies, fun network etc.). Actually, this is a great show of courage. Behind it lies a great fear of death.

Class struggle in Greece has moved higher and it will move even higher.

Those who claim that the world has been more “open” than before must ask themselves this question: If the world were this open, why would the things happening in Greece stay behind the scenes?

We ask those who celebrate the fall of Berlin Wall: Why this digital wall, this dark curtain, this black wall is being raised?

When the topic of Greece is at hand, the news tells us that Greece has bankrupt. A “bad situation” on economy is emphasized. It is complained that the people of Greece are slothful etc.

But although it is seldom, the class struggle in Greece can be seen on media once in a while. The resistance in the streets, full-scale worker strikes, and the organization of the masses do not reflect on the media. Neither media in USA, nor the media in EU, nor the one in Turkey… There is a complete silence on this matter. It is just as if an unwanted process will be an example to follow for the masses. They cover up and ignore the events like this, which they do not want to be exposed, and then they call it “social responsibility”. It is similar to the “embedded” journalism that shows everything about victory and covers up everything related to the resistance when USA forces go into a war.

And they boast of their professionalism, objectiveness in journalism, the right to learn the truth and the free-will of the press.

When the topic is of WikiLeaks they suddenly fall into silence. They try to stop WikiLeaks from spreading at all costs. But still they claim to be the best ones to protect the freedom of speech as well as the free-will of the press.

The class struggle in Greece actually shows internationally what the state, the bourgeois state is. Again and again…

Behind this crisis also lies the war between imperialist powers. USA has appraised a price for losing control in Greece and therefore causing Greece to fall under the influence of EU. And it is reasonable that this price to be paid by all of the EU countries starting with Germany.

But this is only one aspect of the situation. The other one is the rising class struggle within.

The responsibility of economic crisis, with all its aspects, is wanted to be imputing on the people of Greece. By imputing the price of economic cri-sis to the people, monopolies gain great poverty and get the labour force cheaper. Thousands of public officers are being dismissed; rate of the poor’s are being increased. Minimum wage is being decreased from 750 euro to 560 euro. Working hours are wanted to be extended. The price of the crisis is wanted to be paid by public in a very dramatic style.

In response to this process, people, youth and workers of Greece took to the streets.

To such a degree that, with the response of the people the government becomes obliged to find other methods on some of the cutbacks such as a decrease in military expenses. This is a huge gain for the people within the on-going class struggle.

New governments are founded where the old ones fell down.

Germany, France and some other EU members, also seek approval from not only within the government but also all political and bourgeois par-ties for “help“. By the crisis process, a new form is wanted to be given to Greece. The prices for tourism have already been cut to the half.

On the other hand, protests on streets do not stop. Students, workers, high school students are always in activity against the state. Meanwhile, also the colours of the political movements start to come out.

The social defiance in Greece and the protests on streets have accrued 2 years ago. At the beginning, level of the organization was weaker. Every day, improvements in the organization level of the people have started to arise.

Of course, that was expected. In a time of such action process, the will in the masses to search improves and some social impediments, which are slowing organized struggle, fall down and down one by one.

But still there is one critical question that remains: Is there a will to take the power?

To understand the question, we should look back to the history of our country. Just before September 12th, class struggle was pretty developed. Workers, students and poor villagers etc. were on the move. They were open to learn and get organized. But we, revolutionaries, none of the existing political groups, didn’t have the plan or the will to take the power.

Many protests were being organized. But there was no plan to take the power. Without this will and plan, it is impossible to take the power. We lived that through. This is the reason lies on the background of this deeply loss at September 12th.

The only possible way to secure a permanent revolution is by having the decision and by organizing the will to take the power. Otherwise it will not be enough to support revolution by having “good intentions”.

Today, the same lack of will is seen in Greece. There are revolutionary organizations. Those different kinds of organizations are well improved and nearly all of them developed and expanded.

But revolution needs a revolutionary leadership. In this direction, there should be plans giving priority to a course of action on taking the power. Some flaws can be seen in this side of the matter.

Greek socialist revolution will directly affect the Balkans and our country. No matter what they try to cover up, they cannot cover up the progress of a revolution.

These effects of the revolution will also trigger revolutionary movements in our country.

These will give us new responsibilities: not the kind of responsibilities that we don’t know, but the kind we already know, the updated, urgent responsibilities.

At the same time, this shows again the necessity of remarks on other ways about revolutionary development in this capitalist system. Today, it is quite possible to trigger one revolution with another in regional sense. It is even more possible considering the past, considering 1917. A socialist revolution in Greece will affect every country in the Balkans and of course Turkey.

Apparently, the obvious problem of Greek revolutionist is that they haven’t developed the will to take the power yet. Without a doubt this is how it seems from the outside.

There is also a possibility that the processes in Greece are different from the ones in Turkey and we hope it is so.

The process of revolution in Greece shows us that the revolution may develop under your nose in a very fast way and it fastens the events for you too. So the revolutionary organizations should always be alive. Running revolutionary activities with high morale is a necessity even if you are in a period when everything is calm and quiet. This is the right way that leads to the victory.

Monthly Socialist Review KALDIRAÇ, 130, March 2012