Let’s Win Through Struggle!

  • Heating, electricity, water, communication should be made free and public!
  • Education, health, transportation should be made free and public!
  • Basic food items should be provided without any cost!
  • Everyone should be provided with the right to free housing in healthy and quality conditions!
  • Wages should be updated every month on the basis of purchasing power, the inflation of the people!
  • The lowest wage should be above the poverty level announced by the unions!

They talk of an “historical raise” to the minimum wage. It evaporated before we even got it. Has anyone received 4253 liras this month? But we filled our monthly transportation pass for 430 liras to go to work, if our electricity bill was 150 TL before, it was 300 TL now, no one could turn on the heat without their hands shaking hands. One egg is worth 2 TL each, and there is nothing left to eat in the lunch box that’s prepared for the child, but the esteemed experts said, “If necessary, simit will be eaten”.

“Wait” they say from all sides, “don’t go out”, “don’t revolt”, “be thankful”…

They make fun of our minds, our hunger, our anger!

They fed us with so many lies and made fun of our minds so much that these demands make some of us think that “we don’t have the right to this much.” No, we do! If they can live in luxury and eat as much as they want, if their children can receive the best education, if there are nurses and doctors at home so that they do not get sick, we and our children have the right to live humanely and honorably, not even in luxury.

If you demand it, it is possible to live truly, to live humanely, honorably, with one’s head high.

It is not enough anymore to tell each other about the increasing prices and reproach each other at every break, to change the channel by swearing when we see their faces on TV, to shoot a funny video with sunflower oil on TikTok, to tweet “resign” when we can’t stand it!

Demanding begins with changing.

Wherever you came across this statement, while walking to the job curse at, checking how much the price has increased compared to last week in the market, or getting on a work bus before the sun shines…

If you haven’t been away yet, come back and get one more for your friend.

Fold it, put it in your pocket, and read it again at the table after dinner.

Wherever there is something being done for workers-laborers, we know that it is not being shown, however, there are many things that is being worked on! Start following our newspaper, magazine, social media accounts, send them to one more person. We have something to learn from those resistances, our hope will come from those resistances.

This crisis will not pass by saying, “We have survived today as well”.

Our problems and grievances are common, and the only solution is to come together and organize.

The path to win our rights and lives is to enlarge the resistances and come side by side.

Our problems are obvious. Let’s set up assemblies in our factories, workplaces, schools and neighborhoods to fight together for their solutions. Let’s determine what we will do step by step and take to our rights.

Join the Kaldıraç Movement in your neighborhood, at work, at school!

Join, and let’s start creating a humane, dignified life with our hands!

Join, let’s build a life where we don’t go to bed hungry at night and get exploited during the day!

It is our own arms that will save us!

January 12, 2022


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