Long live the unity of the workers and the siblinghood of peoples! Imperialism, Zionism will be defeated, the resisting peoples will win! | Joint statement

Zionist Israel, with the full support of the imperialists, has been brutally attacking the Palestinian people and the peoples of the region for 75 years. The attacks, which disregard international conventions and UN resolutions, have turned into a genocide for the Palestinian people.

The Palestinian people experience new sufferings every day. Settlement areas are forcibly confiscated and they are forced to leave through oppression, brutality and massacres. For years, they have been faced with the heaviest attacks and massacres, without any care of women, children and the elderly. Their fields, olive groves and all their living spaces are plundered by the war machine Israel. They are condemned to living spaces surrounded by wire fences and walls that shrink day by day. They are deprived of the most basic rights such as electricity, water and nutrition. The Zionist state of Israel, a bloody dagger stuck in the heart of the Middle East, is not satisfied with these. It continues to occupy piece by piece the lands where Palestinians live. Zionist invaders continue their plunder and massacres by settling in these lands under the name of “settlers.” The imperialists and their collaborators either turn a blind eye to or support the state of Israel in the occupation and massacre of human beings that is taking place in front of the eyes of the whole world.

What is happening in Palestine is only one dimension of imperialist and Zionist calculations. The oppressed Palestinian people and the Kurdish people are being massacred by the systematic attacks of the imperialist powers and their collaborators. For the sake of their interests, imperialists are bleeding the region with their divide, split and conquer policies. They deepen ethnic and religious conflicts. They have virtually declared the forces that stand against these attacks as arch-enemies. All workers and laborers of the region, especially the Palestinian and Kurdish people, are paying the heaviest price for the war and aggression policies of the imperialists and their collaborators in the region.

Resistance against the attacks of imperialists and their collaborators is legitimate!

The struggle that the Palestinian people have been waging against the occupation of the Zionist State of Israel for 75 years, at the expense of their lives and blood, is justified. It is legitimate. We support the just struggle called the “Al-Aqsa Flood”, which started on October 7 against the Zionist occupation and massacres as a phase of the resistance of the Palestinian people.

The resistance, which defeated the invaders in military, security, intelligence etc. terms, became a new morale booster for the just and legitimate struggle of the oppressed peoples. It gave a new impetus to the struggle for existence for the Palestinian people, who were driven to extinction in the face of Zionist aggression.

The Palestinian people have stood against the destruction and attacks since 1948 with countless resistances, two Intifadas, and at the risk of paying heavy prices. The Zionists, who receive the imperialists’ political, military, economic, psychological, etc. support, suffered a major blow on October 7. The Palestinian people’s struggle for freedom and liberation from slavery is a part of the struggle of workers, laborers, and oppressed peoples to liberate themselves from slavery and all kinds of oppression. It is a blow to imperialism, Zionism and their local collaborators.

For this reason, all reactionary centers have sided with the Israeli state, which has been violating international rules of war, human rights and ethical values for years, in order to discredit and suppress the resistance. They immediately offered all kinds of support to the war machine that is Israel to create new massacres and destruction in Palestine and the region. They ignore the destruction and pain experienced by the Palestinian people, who are prevented from reaching all kinds of human needs, especially in Gaza and the West Bank.

Real solidarity, not false speeches!

Most of the countries in the region do nothing but token statements against Israel’s occupation and massacres in Palestine. They even pave the way for aggression by taking new steps under the name of normalization with Israel. The resistance against Zionist Israel on October 7 once again showed the hypocrisy of a significant part of the states in the region. Erdoğan was caught red-handed collaborating with Netanyahu to sell to the world the natural gas stolen by the Zionists from the Palestinian people.

The capitalist state, with the AKP-MHP alliance at its helm, is also far from offering real and sincere support to the Palestinian resistance. In order to keep in touch with the imperialist and Zionist powers, they do not go beyond making eyewash speeches against the massacres. The capitalist state, at the helm of which AKP sits, and other regional states are on the side of either the Palestinian people or Zionism. There is no other option. To stand by the Palestinian people and their resistance means to cutting off all kinds of relationships with the Zionist State of Israel without wasting any time in military, commercial, political, cultural, diplomatic, academic, etc matters. It means providing all kinds of support to the Palestinian people unconditionally against the imperialist-Zionist siege. Every step, every statement other than this means standing by the invaders. While the AKP government has not taken these steps today, it is signing new commercial agreements, military agreements and cooperation with Israel every day. The bourgeois opposition, on the other hand, gives full support to war policies and mandates, calling them “survival matters.” They add new dimensions to the policies of destruction and denial carried out against the oppressed people of the region, especially the Kurdish people.

Let’s expand the struggle for workers’ unity and people’s siblinghood!

The Palestinian people and all oppressed peoples will win against the local collaborators of the imperialist and Zionist powers. The rightful and legitimate resistance of the oppressed peoples will be strengthened by the common struggle and solidarity of the workers and laborers of the world. Imperialists maintain their order by raining bombs on the people, chauvinist provocation, and deepening religious and ethnic divisions. This is exactly how they spin the wheels of exploitation comfortably. The war waged by imperialists and their collaborators means more poverty, more taxes, more exploitation and oppression for workers. For this; the addressees of all the problems faced by the oppressed peoples who being rained on by bombs and the workers and laborers whose lives are torn apart by the wheels of the machines in the factories are the imperialist-capitalists who are destroying humanity. With this awareness, we invite all workers and laborers to expand the struggle for freedom and equality against imperialism, capitalism, Zionism and all kinds of reactionism. We call on you to increase solidarity everywhere with the rightful and legitimate resistance of the Palestinian people and all oppressed peoples.

  • All military, political, commercial and academic relations with the Zionist state of Israel must be severed immediately!
  • Zionist Israel must stop its attacks unconditionally and its occupation of Palestine must end immediately!
  • All kinds of support and solidarity should be offered to the Palestinian resistance!
  • All needs of the Palestinian people, primarily for food, water, electricity, medical aid, etc. should be met without delay immediately.
  • We should withdraw from NATO and all imperialist bases should be closed!
  • All policies of destruction and denial towards oppressed peoples must end immediately!

The Zionist state will surely collapse!

Long live the unity of workers, the brotherhood of peoples!

Imperialism and Zionism will be defeated and the resisting Palestinian people will win!

Imperialists and collaborators, get out of the Middle East!



Signing organizations ↓

Emperyalizme ve Siyonizme Karşı Filistin Dostları, DDSB, Partizan, İşçi Emekçi Birliği: BDSP, BİH, BİK, DEV TEKSTİL, DKDER, İHK, İKEP, Kaldıraç Hareketi, Köz, PDD, Söz ve Eylem, TOMİS, YDİ Çağrı

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Sosyalist Emekçiler Partisi, Marksist Fikir Toplulukları


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