Murdering Qasem Soleimani is an expression of US desire to spread war

With new attacks, US imperialism is trying to deepen the war which it has lost in Syria. The assassination of the Iranian commander of Quds Force, Qasim Suleimani, is a clear expression of the US desire to spread the war.

The US-Britain-Israel alliance which is a front of imperialist sharing war is behind these attacks. Iran is one of the most important force in the region that distorted the US plans and therefore the US tries to create an opportunity to intervene. Iran which is on target after Iraq-Libya-Syria, has had an important role to distort the US plans by supporting the organisations which resist in the region.

In its last step, the US want to compensate for its loss in Syria by spreading the war with attacks on Iran. This attack is a step towards a greater sorrow for our region turning into a blood bath. The collaborative states in the region will be lined up to take the positions alongside the US and Israeli front, implicitly or explicitly.

Working peoples in our region have started to show that they are against the capitalist exploitation system by rebellions, by standing side by side on the streets, by surpassing all their identities. This attack has come to the fore in such a period.

On one side is Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Yemen, Iran, which are tried to be brought to the knee with the attacks of imperialism; on the other side, the rebellions of the people in the region against the exploitation and looting system …

From the horizon of this blood sea, a red sun will rise

Working class and peoples will end the imperialist sharing war, all exploitation and humiliation on Earth by coming to power and get rid of imperialists and all of their collaboratives.

It is in our hands to end the capitalist order of exploitation and the imperialist war. The removal of imperialism from our region and the struggle for revolution and socialism are intertwined.

October revolution ended the first sharing war. Socialism is the only force that will prevent the war of sharing that spreads all over our region as before .

It is now more possible than ever to raise the anti-imperialist resistance aiming the power of the working people, the proletariat dictatorship.

Long live the common struggle of the peoples!