NATO must be disbanded! If there is a war crime, it is NATO to blame

It’s called the “Ukrainian war”. We should doubt its truth. On February 24, 2022, Russia first announced that it recognized the Donetsk and Luhansk Republics, and then started sending troops to these two regions. Neo-Nazis escalated their attacks with NATO forces. They then sent troops towards Kharkov and Kiev. Still, the parties have not called it “war”.

The events unfolded as follows:

First of all, the USA and the EU have tried every opportunity to use Ukraine against Russia. After the USSR dissolved, they continued these moves. For this, they took all kinds of steps. They played the same games over Georgia at the same time. In fact, Saakashvili, who was defeated in Georgia, later emerged in the neo-Nazi-ruled Ukraine. In other words, this is important in terms of showing the link between the operations in both countries.

The architect of all these intervention projects is the USA, but they are all of them are supported by the EU, the UK, and Japan. Germany, as the country that gained the largest portions of the markets on the field (it would not be an exaggeration to say that Germany has achieved market dominance in all former socialist Eastern European countries), while supporting these projects, is also trying to get rid of the US hegemony. Hence, its dual stance on the war emerges. Previously, it was sending only helmets to Ukraine, now it is acting with all its racist and warlike face. All of this was in a one week process.

During the Second World War, Ukrainians, and Nazi collaborators, who helped the German army which started to flee from the Red Army, were immediately evacuated to Canada and the USA by the latter. There, these Nazi leftovers were moved to the country after a while, following the dissolution of the USSR.

Before everyone’s eyes, they staged an open coup in Ukraine. Since 2014, the country has been under their de facto control.

Before everyone’s eyes, they burned people in their hotel rooms in Odessa.

It is the same mechanism, NATO, that burns people in Sivas, burns people in Syria with the hand of ISIS, and burns people in Ukraine.

Since those days, in the last six years, 14 thousand people, one third of them children, have been massacred in Ukraine by these neo-Nazis.

The question is: Today, Why were those, who were saying that “war is harmful to civilians, democracy, anti-war etc.” and rushed to take their place on the stage of the great theater, silent in those days? If life is important, why did you watch 14 thousand people being killed when there was no war?

This neo-Nazi government took the administration of Ukraine. Resisting this process, Donetsk and Luhansk declared their independence as “people’s republics”. The war, this time, was intensified even more in these areas.

There was a civil war in Ukraine, but the impact of this civil war in other parts of the country was felt weakly.

Probably the Ukrainian people thought that these days would end with the next election. Perhaps for this reason, perhaps for other reasons, the struggle against these neo-Nazis was not developing, could not develop. Even the killing of 14,000 people was not enough to change the situation.

Ukraine, on the other hand, had literally become a puppet government. About a week before the start of the process, which Russia calls a “military operation”, some Ukrainian officials (some of them still have Ukrainian last names) made statements such as “We do not want to join NATO” and the pressure from the US and England came into play. This situation, in fact, shows both the issue of the puppet government and what the situation has turned into.

If a country’s rulers join NATO, like Turkey’s joining in 1952, it is considered legitimate and democratic. It’s as if the people were asked. But in Ukraine, all hell breaks loose if even a diplomat refuses to join NATO. NATO both does not accept Ukraine and also does not allow it to “give up entry”.

Ukraine is ruled by both a neo-Nazi government and a puppet government. And in all this recent past, this power has existed as a US-NATO extension. They committed massacres.

Today, neither Russia nor the neo-Nazi administration of Ukraine has declared a war.

Therefore, it would be too much to even call this war a full-blown war. If it’s a war, it’s between the United States, NATO and Russia. The US wants to take its former ally the EU back under its control. It wants to control Europe, thus pressing it over Russia. In this way, it wants to prevent, and stop the dissolution of its own hegemony.

The second begins here, this war belongs to the US-NATO front.

It is known that the US sat on the throne of the capitalist-imperialist system after the Second World War. Let’s call this the US hegemony. This US hegemony has begun to dissolve. And this is not new. In Kaldıraç, we describe the dissolution process of this hegemony in detail. We even reveal new stages that we are able to detect in this regard. Therefore, in this article, we would prefer not to go into these details further.

US hegemony is dissolving. This is important; it should be kept in mind.

The dissolution of this hegemony means the risk of the US losing its privileged role within the imperialist camp. This, by its very nature, opens up new possibilities mostly for Germany, Japan, England and France. The fight between these 5 imperialist powers is growing and we call this fight the “war of partition-“. It is this war of partition, not the Ukraine issue, that brought the world to the eve of the third world war today.

The USA will not hand over this hegemony on its own. It is a rule, the sovereign does not transfer its sovereignty by speaking, and it resorts to every means to protect it. This should also be kept in mind.

And the US today, in this war, is militarily stronger than Japan, Germany, England and France. This is also an important point.

In Syrian war, the US saw that the dreams of “one world state” and a “great empire” will take longer. Russia and China took the field. While China made a major economic attack after 2010, Russia saw that the promises made to them during the dissolution of the USSR will not be kept. And this process brought these two forces together.

Russia and China were, of course, outside the system when they were socialists, but they could understand that. They were trying to integrate into the system economically. They had already given up on their dreams of world revolution.

They must have thought that if we give up on socialism, then we can be in the system as equal partners.

That didn’t happen.

The rulers did not bring neither Russia nor China to that table. Because they did not need equal partners, they needed new colonies. It could be these neo-colonial areas that would solve the great crisis of the world capitalist system. For this reason, they imposed and are imposing colonization on Russia and China, they want to break the will of both countries. Let’s say it once again, not because these two countries are socialists, but because they do not accept being a colony, that they are not given a place in the world system.

This is how Russia and China took to the field. They, too, have decided not to surrender in to this process. Every independent state has such a right.

The US met the limits of its “military power” in the Syrian war.

It both entered the war against the other four imperialist powers and it started to realize that it was not very strong militarily.

In these circumstances, a new plan was put into effect.

Russia and China will be enemies. Under the leadership of the US, the West will try to colonize these two countries. After achieving this, the US will maintain its hegemony, having profited from the war on partition.

Thus, hostility to Russia and China is also the way to regain control of the West. This is the other side of the coin.

To this end, NATO must be brought back on its feet.

This is the plan.

Russia’s intervention in Ukraine came to the fore in these events.

It is possible to summarize the process in this way.

Now, it is possible to make some analyses of today.


This war is not a Russian-Ukrainian war. This war is a war to weaken Russia as one of the steps in NATO’s colonization process under the leadership of the US. The developments in Kazakhstan last month, while indexed to the Ukrainian business, were taken under control by Russia and Kazakhstan.

This war is the war of the US against Russia and China.

This war is the war of the US to drag Europe into the war with NATO’s hand, and thus to take it under its control.

This war is led by the US and the UK.

The incendiary of this war is the US and the NATO war machine.


It has become clear that the US and the UK do not intend to openly go to war against Russia.

So why did they provoke Ukraine so much in this situation?

The reason is clear. Because basically, the US wants to neutralize the EU, most notably France and Germany, and to re-establish the US control that they have begun to overcome. That is the issue. It is desired that Germany and France re-enter the US hegemony.

Meanwhile, they want to check Russia’s lines and test its courage.

According to them, this is a “dynamic research”. If Russia intervenes in Ukraine, there will be bloodshed between the two countries and it will be difficult to clean up, it will take time, this is a win for the US front. If it doesn’t, it’s possible to go a little further this time. These same imperialist powers were behind the Nazi armies in the Second World War. Under the command of these same imperialist masters, the Nazi armies had destroyed much, reaching to Ukraine. Now, however, if these neo-Nazis, who moved from Canada, could get Ukraine the way they wanted, they would have reached the borders of the Second World War.

For Russia, consenting to this would mean denying its own existence.


The following question should be asked: Why does NATO exist?

Until the USSR dissolved, NATO existed against communism. Its greatest activity was establishment of the counter-guerrilla structures within the member countries. Gladio in Italy is a good example, as it has been disbanded. We, in Turkey, know more than that. Such is the case with Ergenekon, the Gülen movement, the new organization of the AKP, Islamic organizations and many Kemalist organizations.

Well, when the USSR dissolved, didn’t this communist threat disappear?

If not, then why did you declare “victories”? Why did you write the “end of history” books? What was this joy all about?

If the threat disappeared, then why did NATO reach 30 members?

If someone is walking around peacefully, talking about animal rights, ecology, etc., and if someone is talking about people being killed, how can s/he not be against NATO?

NATO is a war machine.

Is the US really the angel of Ukraine?

When and in their relationship with whom did the US or NATO ever become an angel?

NATO is the joint war organization of the West and imperialism.

In fact, when France spoke of NATO’s brain death, it did not want to disband NATO, but to bring it under EU control.

Now, Mr. Macron is personally experiencing this thing called control, which is exactly what the US is doing. It puts this joint war organization into action.

The EU is once again bowing to US policies.

Once again, the UK-USA duo speaks openly about the collapse of Russia.

Once again, these two want to see Europe as a battleground.


Turkey entered NATO by sending troops to the Korean War. If anyone is talking about the country, if anyone is talking about the homeland, first of all, they should intend to call for accountability for this betrayal. They are dishonest. They talk about the homeland, the country, but they do not talk about the sale of soldiers cent by cent. They talk as if entering NATO means choosing “democracy”. Many people died in Korea and they said that it was for the homeland. Today too, NATO is presented as if it were the guarantor of democracy. A war machine, can be presented as the guarantor of democracy; a murderer can be presented as the most democratic.

Those who want to talk to us about the “war of independence” should first talk about Soviet aid. They must say the names of the leaders of the Red Army at the front of the Great Offensive.

Today, when the Ukraine issue arises, how is it that Ergenekonists, Kemalists, Gülenists, sectarians, SADATists, Islamists, Erdoganists gather under the same flag; it is worth to see it.

Just as the darkness escapes the sun and takes shelter in the hole, they all run under the NATO and US flags.

The fronts are getting clearer.

Russian intervention in Ukraine accelerated the clarification of these fronts. It will accelerate after this as well. It will no longer be possible to present curling as a dance and talk about great foreign policy.

The Turkish state, with the Palace Regime, shows that it is a puppet regime just like the one in Ukraine.

Perhaps for this reason, Russia is hitting targets in Ukraine from the Mediterranean. Maybe this is why Russia is flying missiles 5 times faster than sound so that the war does not escalate any further.


In this war, the EU failed to resist the USA.

When it comes to Ukraine, it is natural for Germany to be confused. Previously, they sent empty helmets as support, but now they talk about sending missiles. While the Ukrainian army lays down its weapons, the joint conversations of Ukrainian and Russian soldiers are broadcast on Russian TV channels, neo-Nazi troops are launching missiles at Donetsk and Lugansk. The West is sending weapons to these places with all its forces.

On the other hand, economic sanctions are introduced.

This situation will not yield any results other than exacerbating the global crisis. UK’s threats and the US’s pressure will not change the situation.

Once again, Europe consents to US hegemony. The EU has now lost its will to be an “independent power” to the lure of war against Russia and China under US hegemony.

The US has made gains in this respect.

The same US wants to create conflict between China and Taiwan in the Far East.

The plan is clear: To break the resistance of Russia and China, to prevent them from defending themselves, and then to flatten the world to repartition it.

These are the people who talk to us, to humanity, about democracy.

These are the people responsible for the killing of millions of children in Syria and Iraq.

Why did NATO reach 30 members?

The EU is literally shooting itself in the foot.

Germany has suspended Nord Stream 2. The result of this is high-cost energy. They want to bring Russia to its knees in this way.

After China becomes a big player with the rules set by the capitalist-imperialist system, they took action.

Now, in Europe, all the racism, all the fascist tendencies, all the aggression, which have been buried since the Second World War, are resurrected. From the Netherlands to Germany, France to their smallest countries, they all started to emerge as racists and fascists. Racism and reactionism, under the veneer of European civilization, has once again blown their minds.

All together they are putting ISIS forces, all neo-Nazis into action. Under the leadership of UK, racists have already taken action to participate in the Ukraine war.

The fronts are getting clearer: It is once again revealed who the real owners of ISIS are. Those who teach the lesson of humanity and democracy every day, now, no matter what propaganda they do, are not holding back one step from highlighting racist and neo-Nazi aggression.


Our country’s liberal left speaks of “democracy” like a fairy tale, as if it promises us a paradise. They say, “For Western values and democracy,” we have to say yes to NATO, even if it is a murderous war machine. That’s what’s been said.

You cannot oppose war without opposing NATO.

It is impossible to talk about democracy without opposing NATO.

It is impossible to talk about an anti-imperialist struggle without opposing NATO.

Just look at our country, behind all massacres there is the NATO mechanism. NATO has been committing crimes against humanity since the day it was founded. Those who talk to us about humanism should at least be serious, we cannot defend NATO and talk about humanism.

Our country’s leftists and intellectuals are also affected by this propaganda.

These are the effects that the one-sided press which with the information of the media that produces darkness, and their praise of NATO and the West, has on the left. The broadcasts of channels other than Western channels are already prohibited. The BBC is openly making fake news, citing a house hit by Ukraine in Donetsk as a house hit in Kharkov, but no one talks about closing or banning the BBC. RT and Sputnik are banned all over the Western world. However, however much biased they are, biased RT and Sputnik are that much biased. When the BBC is banned, democracy is lost, but when RT is banned, it becomes a necessity of “democracy”.

The Ukrainian people do not want this war.

This war is not a Russian-Ukrainian war.

This war is the West’s struggle to maintain the dominance of imperialism and to partition the world. In this war, China and Russia are on the target, not because they are socialists, but because they do not accept to be a colony.

When Russia sent troops to Kazakhstan, they were saying, “Russia won’t come out of here”. We know what the US, Japan, France and UK have done to the places they have entered. But today Russia is not in Kazakhstan.

For us, the issue is clear.

One cannot oppose war without opposing NATO, the US and Western hegemony.

Nobody talks about the socialism of Russia and China. Nobody is saying that Putin is fighting as a socialist resistance fighter. This isn’t necessary either. But every country has the right to resist against imperialist aggression and the NATO war machine.

What is happening in Ukraine is Western aggression. It is high time to put a stop to this. If only the Ukrainian people had reacted in Odessa and Kiev, as they did in the Donetsk and Luhansk Republics. The murderers of 14 thousand people killed so far are shown on Russia Today screens one by one. It is the effect of Western propaganda to remain silent about them, to acquit NATO and accuse Russia.

We are revolutionaries of the world. We do not favor bloodshed neither for the Russian empire nor for Western imperialism. We are only in favor of the people’s war against imperialism, against the sovereigns. We are against the war. That is why we say that one cannot oppose the war without opposing NATO, which is the incendiary of war.

Wherever the US attacks, that country is wrong, and the US is always right. The US is right in Afghanistan, right in Iraq, right in Libya, and right in Syria. It is necessary to reverse this propaganda. It is necessary to see clearly the plans of the US and NATO on Ukraine. By ignoring this, one cannot oppose war.

The US and the EU, lining up behind it, clearly want to bring Russia and China to their knees. In this war, declaring Russia and China as imperialists in every resistance against the USA and the West is blindness, it is like proclaiming every bearded person an imam.

It is the neo-Nazis, and the NATO forces, who are calling the Ukrainian people, at least some of them, to resistance. They want bloodshed this way. NATO and neo-Nazis are not resisting in Ukraine, on the contrary, they want to let civilians involve and for the two nations to kill each other. Thousands of Ukrainian soldiers lay down their arms for the same reasons.

The US and NATO want to paint the whole region in blood. The EU has taken on an auxiliary role in this regard. Germany, on this occasion, immediately revealed its teeth that it could not show against the USA. After all, ex-Nazis are on the same side with neo-Nazis.

This makes war even more dangerous. Therefore, it is not possible to be in favor of peace without opposing NATO and advocating the dissolution of NATO.

It is clear that the only thing that will stop the war is the revolution.

The world capitalist system is in a great depression.

As of the end of 2021, the indebtedness status is as follows:

World household debt is $56.9 trillion. This is 64.8% of the world’s total GDP.

Non-financial corporate debt is $88.8 trillion. This is 104.7% of the total GDP.

States, public debt: $88.1 trillion. This is 98.4% of the world GDP.

Debts of financial companies (bank etc.): $69.8 trillion. This is 83 percent of total GDP (see IFF Global Debt Monitor Report). This situation shows the dimensions of the crisis. The capitalist system is like an inflated balloon. It’s ready to explode.

The peoples of the world, workers and laborers are getting poorer.

All this increases the anger towards capitalism.

This is exactly why the US leader Biden cries out in his wandering mind that Putin wants to re-establish the USSR. This is proof of the resurgence of the fear of socialism. In this way, the US admits that it has started a new cold war.

The capitalist system, which could not bring Russia and China to their knees and turn them into colonies, and could not plunder them, now wants to recover by withdrawing to its former position. In this way, the USA is trying to maintain its hegemony with the NATO mechanism. Fear of the US “convinces” the EU to this goal.

In this environment, a revolution that will develop, a revolutionary upsurge from outside the former Soviet geography will have the opportunity to change the whole world.

Such a revolution is needed as much as air and water.

The time has come for the world proletariat to stand up and rise from its knees.

The only force that will save the world from war and save the planet from war and destruction by capitalist rule will be the revolutionary struggle of the world working class.

For this reason, world revolutionaries must stand firm. Therefore, it is time to mobilize all our strength for the victory of the working class. Therefore, now is the time to raise the banner of socialism again.

Capitalism is rotten, extra-living, tyranny. It is the last system of the systems of exploitation and world with classes, that is based on the human beings’ servitude to human beings. Destroying capitalism is the only way of salvation not only for the working class, but also for humanity and our planet.

It’s time to say enough is enough.

March 9, 2022


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