Sudan Revolution, general strike, Resistance Committees and broad front leadership – İnterview with official spokesperson of SCP Dr. Fathi Al Fadl

In the first interview with Comrade Fathi Al Fadl in July 2019, we talked about the development of the revolutionary situation in Sudan.  Today, Fadl says “all protest actions be it in the streets, factories, offices schools and fields are aiming to prepare for the launching of the general strike.” He adds; “At the moment, talks are proceeding for reaching the Broad Front leadership which may include women’s and other civil society organizations and political parties. The leadership of such body will facilitate the complete defeat of the present regime and the wrenching of power by the hands of the people.”

In the Northeast African country Sudan, following actions that began in 2019, the 30-year dictatorship of Albashier was defeated; there was a transition government founded through the agreement between the army and the Forces of Freedom and Change. However, on the 25th of October, the military forces instigated a coup, arresting the president and the civilians members of the cabinet.

While there were demonstrations held before to uphold the demands of the pre-coup revolution, later on a determined resistance has been developed against the coup.

With the Communist Party spokesperson comrade Fadl, we talked about the October 25 coup, the interventions of imperialism, the course and situation of the revolution. In answering our question of how we can Show solidarity from Anatolia, Fadl stressed the importance of a “loud and strong solidarity movement.”


  1. What kind of power is behind theOctober 25 coup d’etat? Who are they?

The security committee of the previous regime which as a result of an agreement reached in June 2019 formed part of the Sovereignty Council.In the 25th of October, coup was staged to block the path of the growing resistance to the economic policies of the regime. It took place just as it was expected that the presidency of the SC(Sovereignty Council) should pass to the civilian component of the council.


2. How should we understand the attitude of Prime Minister Hamdouk?

Hamdock was appointed by the Forces for Freedom and Change. However, from the very beginning he began leaning towards the military component. We should also stress that Hamdock is an international civil servant of western financial institutions. So, in a way, he was the link between the international community and the regime. During his years at the helm of power he introduced and implemented the full instructions of the IMF and the WB. He was more a representative of these institutions. However, the difference between him and the junta is around the issues of handing over Albashir and his clique to the international criminal  court and other issues related to crimes committed against the people in Darfur. He is the stooge of the US, EU and western governments. He fulfilled his role in having Sudan completely under the control of IMF and the WB. The Junta, in the face of the growing opposition to the coup of Oct. 25th tried to use him to appease the opposition as well as to gain or avoid sanction from the west. He signed an agreement with the leader of the coup under the orders of the west. However, he identified himself with the coup, losing the little credibility he has had with small sections of the civil society. He failed in his mission to form a new government and resigned and left the country.


3. Did imperialist powers influence the processes that arose during and after the coup? How so?

US imperialism together the EU and Sudans regional countries especially the Gulf states and Egypt have collided in attempts to impede and abort the radical changes demanded by the Sudanese people. The scheme of “Soft Landing” was created by the US imperialism. The main aim of that project is to try to involve some opposition forces to cooperate with the regime, form part of it in exchange for sharing power. This has led to the fact some parties, the UMMA PARTY, and the Sudan Congress Party as well as two of the armed groups to agree to the project and they were engaged in talks with Albashir. However, with the beginning of the mass uprising in Jan 2018, and under the influence of the people taking to the streets these groups started to hesitate and were forced to join the mass upheaval. However, with the coup palace of April 11th 2019, staged by the generals, removing Albashir again, these two parties accepted sharing power with the military. Hamdock was appointed PM. All these developments were realised in cooperation and intervention of the US imperialism.

However, the SCP (Sudan Communist Party), together with the Resistance Committees (RC), Professional Alliance (PA) which groups together the trade unions, managed to mobilize the masses and organized the largest mass demonstration since the beginning of the revolution. This development which have clearly changed the grip of the generals on power, forced the ruling circles to stage a second coup in OCT 25th. It was clearly an act supported by the US, EU and neighbouring countries.


4. A unique resistance has been going on since the coup d’etat and before. How would you describe the current stage of the resistance? How do you foresee it progressing?

As back as 2013, the SCP decided to try to organize the masses in a different form, taking into consideration that the Muslim Brotherhood has taken steps to dissolve trade unions, break the main public sector, destroy through privatization all productive industries, liquidating the railways and other major public transport companies and crack down on trade unionists, peasants and all progressive forces including the SCP. The new tactic was based on organizing the masses at the work place, residential areas and institutions of learning in Resistance Committees. These committees were supposed to play the ground role creating a network between the different sectors of the society. The presence of communist activists on the residential areas helped to develop this work. Accordingly, the communists, democrats and patriots in the work place and schools and universities played a major role to attract professional lawyers, teachers, engineers, doctors etc to the opposition. Special attention was given to the situation within the working class and the peasantry, both in the residential area and at work. These RC were organized on a national level on horizontal basis. They formed the backbone of the opposition movement till today.

The RC together with the PA led the struggle since 2018, and today they are at the forefront of the struggle to defeat the coup, overthrow the dictatorship and establish the complete civilian democratic rule. These organizations are the organized force within the broad alliance that is being established.

5. The party offered a ground of unity for the resistance/opposition forces. Today what point is this unity at?

The SCP as stated in answer 4, is engaged in adopting its tactics to realize the organized force that can have a leading role in the broad front. The RC are composed of different social forces pending the concentration of the population. While the workers and peasants play their role in these committees, this is not the only way to organize these important two forces. The SCP is building the workers front on the workplaces, as peasants alliance does in the field. The SCP is trying to establish the national democratic front around which it can build the broad alliance. But due to the reality of the situation described above, the SCP is working on two levels: building its organs of communications with the revolutionary masses and at the same time advancing the work on the broad front. It is rather difficult task, but the SCP have decided to send CC (Central Committee) members to work with the part branches on the ground levels. I can say the process is producing tangible results.


6. Resistance committees seem to us to be of particular importance in actions. At what level are their organization and how do they affect/contribute to the resistance?

I think the this question was already answered while dealing with question 5. Just to add that the Resistance Committees represent the main block of the masses in the streets and play a major role in the confrontation against the security forces in the street battles.


7. You are under a huge attack. How do the Sudanese people and revolutionaries provide their self-defense?

Since the beginning of the current uprising, that is after the 25th of October coup, 53 people were shot dead. Over 2300 are wounded, some in critical conditions. Hundreds are detained. Yes, we are under huge pressure. But the main weapons we have is the intensification of the mass peaceful protest actions. These include marches in the streets, demand strikes, sit-ins, protest meetings petitions etc and building of street barricades to impede and stop the movements of the security thugs.

The main aim of the current uprising is to win the overwhelming majority of the population, who for one reason or the other do not come out to the streets, but form great weight in the battles to come, especially in the preparation for and the launching of the general political strike and reaching the implementation of the complete civil disobedience.


8. You called for a political strike. What line of action do you propose with the political strike, could you define it for our readers? And have you made any progress?

As stated earlier, all protest actions be it in the streets, factories, offices schools and fields are aiming to prepare for the launching of the general strike. The mass protest movement, while united in its actions, has more work is under way to establish the united central leadership of the whole large and broad front. A revolutionary hear is being build. It is composed of the representatives of the coordinating committees of the RC, the Professional Alliance, representatives of the workers and peasant. The SCP, through its presence in the different groups, plays its role.

9. At what stage do you think the Sudanese Revolution is? How will it be shaped?

At the moment, talks are proceeding for reaching the Broad Front leadership which may include women’s and other civil society organizations and political parties. The leadership of such body will facilitate the complete defeat of the present regime and the wrenching of power by the hands of the people.

We have behind us the rich experience of toppling two dictatorial regimes in 1964 and 1985. On that, our people building their tactics making use of the positives and trying to avoid the negatives of the past.


10. How can Anatolian peoples support the Sudanese revolution? Do you have a message you would like to convey to our readers?

Our immediate need is a loud and strong solidarity movement to stop and fetter the hands of the security forces unleashing the excessive use of force, to demand the lifting of the state of emergency and its draconian laws, and the release of political detainees.

Thanks for your cooperation and looking forward to receive information on actions of solidarity carried by your organization.


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