Sudanese Communist Party: Cowardly Military Attack on Party Headquarters in Khartoum

The Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Sudanese Communist Party has issued the following Urgent Press Release:

As the country is suffering the continuation and escalation of this senseless war, fully armed military groups belonging to the Rapid Support Forces stormed and occupied the headquarters of the Sudanese Communist Party in Khartoum yesterday afternoon, 25 May 2023. This aggressive force broke down the doors of all offices and halls in the party’s HQ, and carried out extensive acts of vandalism, damage, and looting of all the contents and property of the place. These forces are still present in the party HQ until now, using it as their headquarters.

We condemn this barbaric and cowardly act in the strongest terms, and we demand that these unbridled forces immediately evacuate the main headquarters of the party and end their occupation of it. The offices of political parties and citizens’ homes are not battlefields. We hold the Rapid Support Forces fully responsible for all the damages and missing contents that resulted from this barbaric act, and we will take all legal measures in the face of this attack.

The operations of storming residential homes and terrorizing their occupants, as well as the use of public facilities such as hospitals as headquarters for their presence, have become frequent scenes in this senseless war. They constitute flagrant violations of the sanctities of defenceless citizens and of international laws and norms even in times of war. However, we consider that the attack on the headquarters of political parties and their occupation and conversion into military barracks constitutes a dangerous escalation in the course of this disastrous war. It is an indication of the exploitation by the warring parties of the conditions of widespread security chaos to target and attack the positions of the democratic movement and all the forces rejecting and opposing the war, including the Resistance Committees, trade unions, and political and patriotic forces.

Such attacks and others will not discourage the Sudanese Communist Party from standing in the front lines with the masses of the Sudanese people and their patriotic forces, demanding an end to the war and the prosecution of and holding to account all parties that have contributed to igniting it.

26 May 2023


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