The invasion or the protection of Europe?

NATO held a farcical meeting at the end of June 2022. The meeting in Spain became the venue for a rottenness covered by elegant clothing to take the stage. Representatives of the rotten lords, dressed in elegant robes, displayed a disgusting “grace”. The repulsive style of grace has, throughout history, been characteristic of corrupt rulers. This has rarely been seen. Representatives of the warlords took the stage to show what the “polite” and “civilized” world is, with the help of fashion designers who dressed the skeleton and made it look like human.

Is it possible to cover up the war axes, the raging colonialism, the arrogance peculiar to the rulers, with clothes, lights and decorations?

30 member states and two new candidate countries, Sweden and Finland, who want to turn their countries into a war zone, gave images under the umbrella of the USA to cover the rottenness of NATO mechanisms. This rottenness was evident in every step, every move they made. Europe, which has been struggling for 30 years for the desire to get rid of US hegemony, is now seeking “protection” with US flattery and is shouting war cries more aggressively than the US. While Germany showed great enthusiasm for the war, the Netherlands, Denmark etc. all raising their war cries to show their allegiance to the United States.

As the world, inhabited by 7.8 billion people, is faced with destruction by capitalist exploitation, meanwhile the whole world is wanted to be taken over by the NATO mechanism.

However, the capitulation seems to have started with the US taking over Europe first. The NATO meeting is worthy of attention in this respect.

It is possible to record some of the conclusions that emerged from the NATO summit.


Let’s start with us first.

One of the 30 countries was Turkey. Erdogan, Palace Regime, the Turkish state wanted to turn the membership requests of the Sweden and Finland into an opportunity. They demanded the extradition of political refugees affiliated with the PKK in Sweden and Finland. And in Spain, where the NATO meeting was held, this issue was also discussed.

After Erdogan, Turkish State, openly reiterated his opposition to these memberships, in the magic coffee talk, he changed his mind and announced his approval… (We should stop here and underline the need to stay away from Erdogan’s foreign policy terms to some extent. This is the policy of not only Erdogan, but also the Turkish state, the Palace Regime). Was this an interesting result? Of course it wasn’t. It was not unexpected at all. Apparently, the bargaining moves did not work, and the Turkish state had to give its approval. The steward of the colony country always submits to its master. That’s what happened. However sometimes, with a little whining, a little complaining, etc. It is possible to make some concessions. Of course, the addressee of the Turkish state in this regard is the USA.

On this occasion, the Turkish state proved once again that it is the 51st state of the USA.

As the 51st state of the USA, the Turkish state also differs from other states. For example, in the election of the US president and US congress, we do not have the right to vote. For example, the “person” at the head of the Turkish state, Erdoğan, is the “elected” person today, but he was elected from Washington, not by ballot box. Whereas, in other US states, they pay more “care” to this election business. For example, as the 51st state, Turkey cannot get a budget from the congress, but it is adept at giving whatever it is. This must be the result of being a “mistress” like state.

If the Turkish state, Erdogan, and the Palace Regime, which oppose the membership of Sweden and Finland, did not gain some more time by making progress on Erdogan’s personal files, it can be said that they did not get anything. In addition, other than Erdogan’s family files have no meaning either. The objection of the Palace Regime does not have any seriousness. The main thing is the files of Erdogan and his family, and they seem to have come to the table.

That’s what it is to be a colony.

This is what it means to be a colony and a NATO member state.

In fact, the Turkish state’s opposition to the membership of Sweden and Finland, etc. is not what interests us. If they had such intentions, they should have opposed it until the number of NATO members increased from 16 to 30. If TC was a country that could do this, it would also have withdrawn from NATO. In this case, it would be a capitalist country that shows signs of independence, which is not possible without major upheavals.

What interests us is not whether Erdogan first said “no” and then said “yes”. Nothing else can be expected. That is its nature. This is the nature of not only Erdogan, but also the Palace Regime.

It is not expected that the Turkish state will stand up and oppose to NATO. It is not only a member of NATO, but also a colony country and its own decision-making mechanisms are very weak. Being a colony is what it is in a way.

For this reason, we wanted to dwell on the fact that this process gave information about the character of the Turkish state. When the lords show the rulers of our country, the Kurds and the Greeks, all the power partners come together immediately. Just like showing red to the bull, when they talk about the Kurd, their eyes roll and they all gather together. For this reason, they too, namely the governors of the colony, are accustomed to using the hatred of the Kurds and the Greeks fiercely. Crying against Greece, committing a massacre of Kurds, unites them all, namely the rulers, their partners in power, the Islamists and the Ergenekonists at once.

If there are those who oppose Erdogan in the name of “nationalism”, if they have some “man” qualities left, they should have openly advocated leaving NATO, not asking the United States not to open files under the guise of political refugee negotiations with Sweden and Finland.

After all, they can’t help saying “national interest” to the Erdogan family’s bargain that a few dirty laundry items will remain closed for a while.

“Nationalists” do not like to leave NATO, but rather to bargain when the opportunity arises. This is as much as the product of their cowardice; on one hand, they have gone through NATO training and on the other hand, they have lost their minds when they see Kurds. NATO education has taught them both to be racist, to oppress the weaker people, as well as to worship the power of the United States.

While the history of NATO, which has shed blood in the world, is evident, the fact that “intellectuals” who call themselves left-wing and liberal can use sentences such as “NATO means civilization”, “NATO means democracy and system of values”, not because they do not understand what they read, but because of their fears. They call the work of solving their ailments, “nationalism” or “liberalism,” in order to maintain the “sacred” life of their own.


The NATO meeting openly declared Russia a direct enemy and China a less direct enemy. That is to say, they declared both countries as the enemies. It is an expression of the desire to colonize two independent and great powers. If they can do that, they will be able to resolve this severe crisis, the crisis that reached a new peak in 2008, until the next crisis.

This is what we might call as a shy “declaration of war”.

Monopolies and international capital, which have not been able to recover since the 2008 crisis, are constantly shouting war cries. It doesn’t just fill the coffers of gun monopolies. At the same time, this emerges as a requirement of the division struggle between the five imperialist forces. The crisis and the struggle for sharing had entered a new phase with the pandemic. Since the policy of colonizing these two independent powers, namely China and Russia, was seen as a medicine to prevent the dissolution of US hegemony, the whole West wanted to activate the current version of the former Cold War by gathering under the US flag.

Russia and China were declared as the enemies.

By using the developments in Ukraine, the USA tended to unite the EU and Japan under its old umbrella, these are the countries which started to take a share from their own markets. We can also call it a “supervision”. The front showcase of this is provided by the “elegance” show performed by the NATO meeting, accompanied by dressed skeletons. Behind the showcase, there is an open threat from the USA to the EU. This process is also the process of the EU’s submission to the threats of the USA. Without these threats, the US cannot convince the EU and Japan.

The Ukraine process had two meanings for the USA.

First, the US would take the EU under its control and cease to be a rival power.

Secondly, the US would have accepted the war, the developing war, on Europe, on the European field. In the first two world wars, warfare took place over and around Europe. U.S. territories had remained at a distance from the war. This time they wanted to try it again.

In fact, it is possible to say that they achieved their first goal: The “wills” of the EU, Germany and France have been broken, and their “will” has been subordinated to the will of the USA. Now, it is difficult to talk about a power which is called “the EU”. The EU is no longer a major actor, perhaps not one, but less than half an actor. Presented as the center of “democracy and civilization”, the EU has started to become the center of neo-Nazi organizations. The Neo-Nazi organization, which has been kept secret within the NATO mechanism since the Second World War, seems to have bloomed its poisonous flowers, it has started to emerge in all NATO member countries.

Now it is time to embody the step of organizing Europe as the center of the war. Europe is desired to become the site of the Third World War. This is the US request.

The NATO meeting is organized precisely for this purpose. It is desired that there should not be a country outside of NATO in Europe. For this reason, Sweden and Finland are wanted to be included in the NATO mechanism, which makes no sense. Both of these countries seem to be willing to turn their lands into areas of war and tension.

This means making Europe a battleground again. In fact, this process was actually initiated under the leadership of NATO, the USA and the UK, which created the Ukraine problem by planning.


It is also a priority for the US to organize an alliance in East Asia against China. For this purpose, it is desired to deepen the relations between Japan and the USA. US control over Japan tended to decrease after the dissolution of the USSR. Just like the US control over Germany… But now, this process is wanted to be reversed. South Korea is desired to be included in this alliance. However, expanding this alliance to include India has not been possible for now. So, after NATO’s June 2022 meeting, US aggression against China should be expected to level up.

Openly involving Europe in this matter has now become more possible after the racist attacks against Russia. The United States is preparing for this through NATO. Therefore, the obnoxious and elegant images set up in the front are adjusted to hide the threat and blackmail behind.

However, it is doubtful that all these will be a solution to the crisis of the system and the disintegration of US hegemony. Such a result will not come out of here.

If we agree on this, it means that a more violent scenario of war against Russia and China will be put in place. In this respect, it should be calculated that neo-Nazi organizations fed within the NATO mechanism will work. This means new racist attacks in Europe. It is possible that the same will occur in Japan, South Korea. The US will also activate them.


In complete harmony with these, it is desired to build a new wall in Europe. The words of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, “Westerns are now putting up the iron curtain themselves”, referring to the barriers that have begun to be erected on the Polish-Belarusian border, are the exact expression of these policies. That is, it is both an ideological, military as well as a political wall.

Europe and Japan are becoming the center of the work of accelerating the armament process, which is backed by the UK and the USA. Armament is increasing all over the world, and all arms companies, especially the US arms monopolies, add profit to their profits.

This means that the preparations for war accelerate even more.

Unlike the past, the rising “wall” in Europe is not rising “against socialism and communism”. For this reason, the ideological defense of the opposite forces is also lacking. The wall that was raised against communism yesterday is now being raised against the myth of the Russian and Chinese threat. It cannot even be defended in the form of “democracy and Western values”. More clearly, neo-Nazi organizations are emerging. Against this attack, an ideological war cannot be waged except for a new attack of socialism.

The desire of Russia and China to remain independent and to comply with the rules of international trade is not and cannot be a strong enough ideological response.

Therefore, this situation is different from the “cold war”.

What is at issue here is the subjugation of powers that have remained independent in the world. For this reason, ongoing commercial, military, diplomatic etc. war continues with gaps in the ideological field. The ideological attack of the US front is also shapeless. The continuation of the ideological war under the warhead of yesterday against communism to a certain extent does not coincide with the situation.

The resistance of those who do not want to submit to this process, including Russia and China, can be successful if it is completed with a new period of socialist revolutions. A socialist attack from Russia and China is unlikely, but it is hard to imagine that they too have a choice but to turn to their own past. The wave of revolution will come from other countries.

Those who will raise their war cries against China, which has become the “great production base” of the capitalist world, will of course emphasize “democracy”. It is as if there is democracy in the USA, as if in England, as if it exists in Germany, as if it exists in Saudi Arabia and so on. This emphasis, that is, demonstrations of aggression against China over the absence of democracy, is due to the fact that they did not stop China, which has become the factory of the world, with an economic-commercial war, it is part of the war.


Moreover, the USA is increasing its forces in Europe within the framework of the decisions passed by NATO. The desire to create an army of 300 thousand people has been clearly stated. The plan to settle in Europe with an army of 300 thousand people was accepted. This is an US invasion of Europe, although it seems agreed, it is a forced invasion.

Yesterday, just a year ago, Europe was discussing the goal of creating its own army. Today, however, Europe is openly occupied by the USA.

The United States is talking about “protecting Europe” through NATO. In reality this is the invasion of Europe by the USA. This very step is an expression of the desire to move the war to European soil and keep it away from US soil.

When it comes to the Third World War, it is not even possible for US territories to stay out of this war. Both the range of missiles and advanced nuclear weapons are capable of exceeding these limits.

But can the EU, which is being occupied “softly” by the United States, “summoned” any longer have any will? It is impossible to say “yes” to this question. If the EU does not make a big move against the USA, it is not possible to speak of an EU will.

The USA seems to have taken away the will of Europe.

Now, there is talk of the US settling in Europe with an army of 300,000 men. In this case, is it possible for the EU to remain a power? Therefore, it seems possible to say that the EU has reduced its own power to less than half by saying yes to this decision.

The USA has declared that it will increase its power in Europe, especially in Poland, Spain and England. Both the number of soldiers and the number of bases will increase.

Increasing cooperation between Sweden and the British arms industry is one of the reasons why Sweden wants to join NATO. But this is also an attempt to shut down the whole of Europe. In short, preparations for war are developing.


We know that every war is also a civil war for the warring countries. In that case, it is certain that there will be a civil war at the same time as the rise of the Neo-Nazis and the exacerbation of racism are going on in Europe. It can be said that this will take time. This time depends on the course of the war. But this process has begun. If so, a different process will begin in all these countries. Reinforcing the neo-Nazis is not just a general preparation for war, but also a precaution against this possibility of civil war.

The fact that the NATO meeting openly declared Russia and China as enemies is a harbinger of the rising war cries.

In addition, NATO makes a strange determination that “we are not in a period of peace”. Saying “we are not in a period of peace” without saying that we are in a period of war actually shows that the USA behind NATO’s displays of power is a desire to control Europe. “If we are not in a period of peace”, what period are we in, why does NATO not openly declare that it is in a period of war? This little player is actually the product of the USA’s move to bring Europe into line.

Russia and China, together with the BRICS countries, have entered the process of developing a new international trade system.

This will further increase the crisis of the system.

Sanctions-embargoes are far from giving the expected results for the West, and it is clear that they are starting to have the opposite effect. The US-led efforts of NATO and the Western alliance to cut off the flow of food, especially wheat, to Africa not only show what the West’s “human values” mean, but also indicates that war is escalated in every field, by any means, by any way, without borders and rules. The United States wants to demonstrate such banditry that it wants to make everyone bow down out of fear.

This whole process also means an increase in supporters of the new international trade system, which has begun to be developed under the leadership of Russia and China.

While the United States is trying to save its disintegrating hegemony, it further increases the crisis of the entire capitalist-imperialist world. The ongoing crisis that started in 2008 is now compounded by inflation. Europe meets the highest inflation rates since the 1970s.

It is certain that it will not take a very long time, the new international trade system is being developed under the leadership of Russia and China. Of course, this new system is not anti-capitalist, nor can it be expected to happen. Because Russia and China are not fighting a socialist struggle. This can’t be expected. Both have chosen to become capitalist. However, this new international trade system is seriously forcing the Western front, and it will.


This whole process tends to feed into the disintegration of NATO. At first this may seem counterintuitive. But the images of the NATO summit in Spain support this. The meeting, which looks like a ball dinner with forced smiles, elegant clothes, is actually not enough to hide the decay or even tension inside. Although elegant clothes cover the “skeleton”, the skeleton reveals itself in all its ugliness.

Preparations for war, increasing racism have already begun to shed the shining scales of the system. Now the fact that NATO is a war machine, the fact that NATO is the main center of war crimes in the world, is exposed no matter what they do. The “intellectuals” who refuse to understand this are so blind because they cannot escape the influence of NATO teaching.


What the world needs is the overthrow of the capitalist system.

To breathe, to remain human means to struggle against NATO and war forces.

What the world lacks is socialism.

The world revolutionary workers’ movement is something the world needs as much as air and water.

The liberation of the workers and toilers of the world depends on it, and the liberation of humanity and the planet depends on it, revolutionary socialism. No human value can be preserved or developed before the collapse of the already obsolete capitalist system takes place.

The world is preparing for the revolutionary upsurge, the rise of socialism. Of course, this is not something that will happen right away today. However, the world revolutionary movement has to make preparations for this.

The mind of the workers and toilers, of the world proletariat, must be clear: The slogan of either socialism or death is not only a general truth, but also an urgent slogan for today. To destroy this rottenness, to send the capitalist-imperialist system to the dustbin of history, this is the only real way to save the world.

The world proletariat will take its place on the stage of history with a more developed struggle. In this respect, it is essential for the revolutionary movement in every country to observe the world, closely monitor developments and, most of all, look at developing resistances. The world revolutionary movement must organize a new international to raise the banner of revolutionary socialism. Of course, this does not mean that the struggle in each country leaves its own problems aside, it cannot be.

If every war is a civil war, if this is true, then all metropolises, including all of Europe and the USA, will witness the rise of struggle.

There is a period before us when the class struggle will rise again and the banner of socialism will rise. This is the only way to prevent war. This class struggle will contain new elements in many respects. But it is certain that it will request a revolutionary leadership. For this reason, the world revolutionary movement must keep its eyes on the resistances that continue wherever they are, even in the furthest point of the world.




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