The Re-Design Of Syria And Middle East Imperialist Intensions And Hired Guns

In the last few months Syria has become the standard topic. The monopolist media has turned the situation in Syria into a psychological war issue and has been keeping it on the agenda. Through the usage of manipulative footage and distorted information, news of mass murder is made.

But, what is really happening?

The U.S. imperialism desire to re-design, share and gain ascendance over Middle-East. In some sense, U.S.A. is the vanquished side of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Yes, U.S. has occupied, ravaged, battered and plundered these countries. These two countries, if left alone today, cannot heal these wounds even within 50 years. Millions of people have died, millions have been left homeless. People have been valued precisely as much as their organs. They have been subjects to the organ trade done by the mafia organizations, which also include Turkey and Israel. With a brutality likes of which has rarely been seen in history, the people in Iraq and Afghani-stan have been slayed.

USA has increasingly become lonelier in these countries. As the situation progresses, the plunderers that are lined up after USA, has become unable to make profit and the number of the dead returning home has forced them to rethink. Thus, these plunderers with USA have begun to lose control over Iraq and Afghanistan.

To prevent the progress of getting lonelier, USA decided to provide a new looting ground for these plunderers. This looting ground was Libya. British Petroleum (BP) overtook 30% of the petroleum resources in Libya. Also, Italian and French have taken an important slice of the pie in Libya.

This conclusion has allowed us to test our evaluation that the attack on Libya was to satisfy and heal the plunderer front and that the real targets were always Syria and Iran. In truth, the real purpose was to reward the plunderers in order to start a war against Syria and Iran.

Here, they have succeeded in Libya for the first step. The real war in Libya is just about to begin. The occupation and plunder has caused destruction beyond imagination. Turkey has joined as a hired gun to the war in Libya, which Turkey government previously called as “imperialist occupation”, and in conclusion lost what they already had before. Enmities and the blood feud aside, Turkey has completed this process with also huge losses economically. Apparently, the dream of Ottoman Empire reborn is so alluring that they dare to reach beyond their capabilities. Their masters must have been telling them to think that Turkey is as powerful as its shad-ow over Middle East. Meanwhile Turkish government believes that all the darkness of this war surrounding the area is their own shadow. This is what a hired gun is, the master takes the main pie and the hired gun is left with the crumbles.

It is known now how the process in Libya is executed. The soldiers who were trained in Qatar, the mercenaries of Arabic origin who were trained by USA, the soldiers who were trained in Turkey have been secretly sent into Libya as parts of Islamic movements in the country. Those who have started riots in the streets and have been running armed gangs were these fore mentioned soldiers. To continue from there have been relatively easier.

The same situation can be seen in Syria now. In the areas close to the borders, trained forces that were chosen for the war against Syria has been added into the process. Even to the point that, dozens of MIT (National Intelligence Agency of Turkey) agent or people who have been said to be agents of MIT have been caught by the government in Syria. The forces, who have been trained within borders of Turkey and secretly been sent into Syria and been used for benefitting USA purposes, have been murdering hundreds of people in the streets of Syria.

The news of the war according to the Syrian side only reaches the world through the Russian media that reflects the thoughts of Chinese government. Otherwise all the western media either running psychological war or are being a part in this war. The Al Jazeera TV wants to do a more advanced version of the psychological war that they did once in Libya before.

The authorities in USA have been declaring openly that if USA hadn’t un-leashed Turkish government upon Syria and if they had created hostilities between Israel and Syria instead; the Arabic countries could not have taken a side against Syria that easily. Actually, Turkey loses greatly when they agree to be sent against Syria as the hired gun of USA to do a dishonorable job. The enmities, which will probably continue for years, have been created in the region. In this way USA uses Turkey in order to isolate Syria. This also shows the “one minute” process, in which Turkish government greatly opposes the deeds of Israel, is a theatrical play to raise the prestige of Turkey amongst other nations.

How odd!

Israel have intercepted the ship “Mavi Marmara” (which was sent to aid the people of Palestine) within international waters and murdered 9 citizens of Turkey. The Turkish government talked largely and roared with anger etc. but in the end, they have started to arm themselves for war not against Israel but against Syria instead. The relations of Turkish government with Syria had been terrific and there had been talks of brotherhood between the two countries. Then suddenly the wind started to blow in the opposite direction. While also satisfying the benefits of Israel government, Turkey tries to get a huge role in the plot against Syria. The USA government openly declares that Turkey does whatever they say and their relations have never been better.

The fore-mentioned brotherhood with Syria has come to an end.

The hostilities between Turkey and Israel have been forgotten and these two countries have started to co-operate against Syria. The military base in Malatya, Turkey has started to be used. Through the usage of the base the missiles, which were previously used by Israel, are being tested. And without shame they have been declaring “These are not for our neighboring countries”.

If USA does not create insecurity in the world, if USA does not create hostilities then getting past this economic crisis is getting harder for them. For this reason, USA has been continuously crying out for new wars. After every world-wide insecurity economy of USA, recover by feeding their war industry. USA economy is a militarist economy. Triggering the armaments industry boosts their economy, but in relatively peaceful times especially if there is an economic crisis their profit becomes inadequate.

But this is not the only reason of the intervention and occupation in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan.

USA desires to be the only dominant power in the war to re-design the world. Maybe they have been forced to step back in this matter. But does that mean that USA has abandoned this claim? We don’t think so.

On the other hand, whether they are the dominant power or not, in this war to redesign the world, which has already started, USA wants to be amongst those who have expanded their cut of the profit after the war. When the First World War begun the United Kingdom had been the leader of the world-wide capitalist system. Of course, UK had not yet enforced the other imperialist powers into submission. After the Second World War the fear of communism had caused a capitalist/imperialist system organization around the new leader, USA. As the leader, USA had begun to get the acceptance of the other imperialist powers about nearly everything. Of course it also cannot be called a total submission. But USA had gained the capability to oversee many of its imperialist rivals openly. Today, USA is losing these capabilities.

But USA still wants to be amongst those who have expanded their cut of the profit after the war.

Middle East is one of the areas of this re-design war. Now USA wants both to create a conflict between the Arabic countries and Israel and to start sectarian violence within the Muslims. USA aims to expand the chaos by supporting sectarian violence.

By doing this USA: A) wants to isolate Syria by uniting Arabic countries against them, B) with the interagency of Turkey both intervenes the wars between sects and puts Turkey forward as a potential ally of Israel, (Two arguing, hassling and sword crossing countries, but allies if you can observe objectively and very strong allies behind-the scenes…) C) wants to conflict the Islamic movements within themselves in order to put Iran into a critical situation.

USA both wants to take down Syria and by doing this and thus isolating Iran, prepares for an intervention against Iran. USA wants to take down Iran by the same thing that they tried in Libya which includes using mercenaries of Arabic and African origin and running psychological war propaganda through the usage of media, even Al Jazeera TV and through Tur-key-Israel operations.

The MIT operation, which found its expression in Tayyip-Fethullah conflict in Turkey, with this aspect, is directly connected to Syria and Iran situations. And it can be clearly said that there are at least 3 Fethullah Gulen movements, 3 Gulen movements: one supporting Israel, one under the control of USA and one supporting United Kingdom. And now none of their benefits are exactly same with each other.

Syria has a critical role for the re-design of the Middle East by USA.

It seems today that, Russian and Chinese governments are reluctant to interfere with the war in Syria. Under these circumstances, attacking Syria under the cover of UN is not possible today. Seeing this situation, USA declares its attitude openly with the interagency of Turkey. Turkish minis-try of foreign affairs and president do not seem willing to stop. They have been sending armed forces and people who are under direct command of USA into Syria, which they previously referred as “brothers”. And they do not settle for this, they declare: “We will not stand idle even without the consent of UN and we will do what needs to be done.” This is clearly a politic move that has been approved by USA and has been applauded by Israel.

The president’s passivity against this policy shows how the Republic of Turkey is actually ruled. Now the Republic of Turkey is just like another state of the USA. The 53th state. There are probably much more defiance and dissent against the government in Washington in the other states of USA.

Can it be that the process in Syria helps the government in USA to establish a mechanism on USA’s full control over Turkey? What if the USA is trying a new organization style on this way?

Intervention to Syria means triggering a war of huge scale. Whether Russia and China intervenes or not. Without any doubt, preventing a war of this scale is of utmost importance for the region and the world.

But seeds of war are constantly being planted and the sectarian violence is being organized throughout the world.

USA has been supposedly withdrawing from Iraq. This shows that they could not achieve their purpose in Iraq and the more troubled the region gets the more it will be to the benefit of USA. The situation in Iraq can easily get complicated. An intervention against Syria has been almost imminent. In order to create dissent in Iran, USA wants to trigger a great war between the sects of Islam. Israel and USA have been looking for an opportunity for an external intervention.

The war is imminent in the region. Almost all of the war schemes have been tried. The region including the Caucasus has already become the playground of all intelligence agencies.

Turkey has already got into this process without self-benefit.

The next step of this situation of being a hired gun, is to openly take place in the war preparations against Iran. The previous friendly relations with Syria are come out of the blue and they started to shout battle cries at them instead and high-pitched battle cries at that.

Now the process of coming to hostilities with Iran will be started.

Masters always use the hired gun as they please. Libya is the clearest ex-ample of this. “Imperialist occupation” it was called but, in the end, they sided with the “imperialist occupation” forces. It is an inglorious behaviour.

Now Syria is next and everything Turkey has done up until today is hypo-critical and befitting to a hired gun, unquestionably.

Now we are going to see the same things happen all over again to Iran.