Today, working class rule is possible!

History is not an ordinary flow of time. History is also not just a collection of events. History contains certain ruptures in it. It is also read according to how you look at life. We, those who look at life from a classless and borderless world today and who struggle for this, see and say that history calls working class to power.

All over the world, capitalism no longer holds promises for billions of people. There is no place left on the earth or under it that has not been plundered and exploited. Capitalism is a system in which billions of people’s dreams are left unfinished, where billions of people are exploited, humiliated and made fun of so that they can merely survive.

The streets of the world are full of actions that show the impossibility of living in this system. It is full of strikes by workers for their rights, and courthouses burned down by women for justice. It is full of barricades that students overcome and solidarity networks that are created to survive.

The anger of those whose lives and minds are made fun of is of course capable of establishing a new world. It is true; this is the reading of history by those who fight for socialism, who claim to be the subject of history.

In order to get out of the current economic and political crisis, an election is suggested where we can choose between one of those who created the crisis. Our proposal is to destroy the system that created this crisis. Which is more utopian? Which one is a realistic and final solution? The history that the rulers and those who want to perpetuate this misery see appropriate for us is obvious. The important thing is to grasp the truth and struggle to change the course of their history. History is ready for this, it is waiting for us, millions.

Those who set out to establish a world without classes and exploitation are the ones who write history step by step.

These steps include the names of Deniz, İbo and Mahir (T/N: Deniz Gezmiş, Mahir Çayan and İbrahim Kaypakkaya are the important leaders in the history of Anatolian revolutionary movement).

Bekir Kilerci is included in the names of these steps. Bekir Kilerci was tortured to death in Ankara Anti-Terror Branch on December 13, 1997. We are on the same path today, together with what we have learned from his struggle, poems and stories, and we say with him, “A human being, in order to win tomorrows, comes to terms with yesterday and strangles with today.”

These steps have the name of Ali Serkan Eroğlu. Ali Serkan Eroğlu was murdered by being hung in the toilet of Ege University, where he was studying, on December 24, 1997. Today, we are on the same path, together with what we learned from his struggle, poems and stories, and we say with him that it is possible to be human and remain human in this system only by struggling.

We revolutionaries on the path against the wind amidst the defeat of socialism yesterday see; working class rule is possible today! What we have to do is transform what we see into reality.

We are organizing for this.

For this, we call on workers, laborers, women and students to organize.

For this, we call on the revolutionaries and the resisters to organize the United Labor Front.

Today writing history is in our hands.

Forward to the revolution, either socialism or death!

December 13, 2021


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