Ukraine: US/NATO Warmongering

The warmongering of the USA, the leader of the imperialist world which has lost its altitude, which has continued over the years and peaked in recent months, has finally turned into a hot conflict in Ukraine.

The arming of Ukraine, accompanied by the US-UK duo’s campaign that Russia will attack Ukraine since November 2021, has evolved into a war involving Russia as a result of the Neo-Nazi, fascist ruling coalition’s attacks on the Donbass region.

The instigator of this war is the USA, which uses NATO as an apparatus, and the UK, which sided with the USA, just like it did in the invasion of Iraq.

NATO is the war machine of imperialism and a proven murderer of peoples. Freedom, peace and tranquility have never come to workers-laborers and peoples anywhere, in contrary came up war, murders and disasters until today by the hand of NATO, which was established as a war machine of imperialism against socialism.

NATO must be dissolved; it must be abolished. This is only possible with socialism, with the collapse of the capitalist-imperialist system. In the Soviet Union, established with the October Revolution led by the Bolsheviks, the equal and free common life experience of the workers and the peoples; continues to show the way of peace and the siblinghood of peoples.

In the absence of socialism, the only way that will end the wars today when the imperialists are engaged in a war of re-partition of the world, is working class governments, socialism.

This applies to Ukraine and the Donbass, as well as to all the countries of the world that are partitioned and turned into battlefields.

What we are experiencing is the result of the imperialists who were standing together the threat of socialism under the US leadership under the umbrella of NATO embarking on a new war of partition after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, and the US hegemony becoming questionable.

After the collapse of the USSR, the former socialist countries were the subject of partition, and the first partitioned region was the Balkans, which included Yugoslavia. After that, the USA continued to expand to the “east” through NATO, and the policy of surrounding Russia continued step by step.

Declaring the “end of history” with the Pyrrhic victory in a world where the USSR disappeared, the USA, against the questioning of its leadership that was maintained by NATO, announced the political Islam created by the Green Belt Project as a common enemy against socialism and placed it in front of its rivals, using the September 11 attacks as an excuse, and tried to impose his leadership through wars while it still had an undisputed military superiority.

While invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and finally the Syrian war were devastating peoples, they did not turn into victories that would make USA’s hegemony accepted undisputedly, and political Islam did not serve as the cement of NATO.

In the face of this, the USA, which tried to maintain its leadership by spreading the war, declared Russia and China as enemies again, presented them as a cake to be shared in front of its imperialist rivals and demanded that its leadership be accepted through NATO.

Even though Russia and China have broken the route from socialism towards capitalism, they are subject of partition for the USA, England, Germany, France and Japan, who are engaged in a war of partition among themselves; They are a cake that is offered to USA’s rivals in exchange for the acceptance of the its leadership. The independent stance of Russia and China due to their socialist pasts, the fact that they have not been colonized yet, that they are powerful countries are proof that they are not easy prey. However, this is also seen as an opportunity by the USA, the biggest military power of the imperialist world, to impose its leadership.

For the USA, whose hegemony is falling on an inclined plane, there is no other way but to spread wars. After Biden, who was the architect of the Maidan coup carried out in Ukraine by the Ukrainian Neo-Nazi fascists brought from Canada and the USA in 2014, becoming the US president, Ukraine started to be on the agenda again more intensely.

As a result of the massacres started and the racist policies that Neo-Nazi fascists carried out after they came to power in a coup, the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics were declared in the Donbass region, which is the center of Ukraine’s industry and working class, where the Russian population is dense and the socialist past is alive, and resistance developed against the fascists.

As a result of the war in the Donbass region, a ceasefire was declared with the Minsk Agreement and steps were taken to solve the problem on the table, but the US-led government in Ukraine has not taken a step towards solving the problem so far. With Biden’s becoming president, the regime in Ukraine began to be armed and provoked against the Donbass and Russia, and Ukraine’s NATO membership was heavily brought to the agenda.

Such is the process leading up to the war that is taking place today. The role of the Turkish Republic here, just like in Iraq, Syria and Libya, is being a hitman for the USA, a warmonger. It has responsibility for the weapons sold to Ukraine and the Islamist gangs sent there, and the blood spilled in Ukraine.

TR must exit, the proven murderer of peoples, NATO; and imperialist bases must be closed.

The only thing that will enable the elimination of blood and exploitation in every part of the earth, and enable us to take a step towards peace and freedom will be the establishment of working class governments and the construction of socialism.

Long live the union of the workers, the siblinghood of the peoples!

Forward to the revolution! Either socialism or death!



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