US hegemony, NATO and war “hysteria”

In recent months, we have been sleeping and waking up with the Ukraine problem. The US says Russia will “invade Ukraine”. The CIA even gave the day for it, February 16, 2022. Most, if not all, of the Western press is hung up on the Ukraine issue every day. Of course, our “Palace press” too… The Palace not only rubs its hands about the beginning of the Ukraine war, it also tries to play a role on behalf of the United States and to fulfill the assigned tasks.

In our country, predictions such as “war will break out” and “war will not break out” are competing with each other. Indeed, both Turkey is a member of NATO and the Palace Regime’s love of war is grounded on a legendary hitman status. In this case, war hysteria concerns us closely.

Is it “war hysteria”?

It is as if US imperialism cannot survive without war. For this reason, policies of war and tension constantly fill the agenda.

Thus, in Ukraine, for example, this tense situation can turn into a war, no matter how “prudent” Russia behaves and how much it avoids war.

This war hysteria of the US does not belong only to today.

The US has succeeded in being the “winner” of both the First and Second World Wars. In both wars, it suffered very little damage and profited greatly. It is the peoples’ front, the front of socialism, led by the Soviet Union, that defeated German fascism in the Second World War. But the US organized great provocations for the Japanese to carry out the attack on Pearl Harbor in order to enter the war at the most opportune moment. It eventually got involved in the war and dropping the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, earned the title of the winner on the Western front of the already finished war. It became the leader of the “Western world” by collecting the remains of Hitler, taking in all the murderers of German fascism. It’s a big win and the first of “the great reset”.

At the end of the two world wars, it became the leader of the capitalist-imperialist camp.

Now, it is losing its hegemony. According to Deniz Adalı’s analogy, this hegemony is mounted on an “inclined plane” and is constantly losing altitude.

The dissolution of its hegemony begins after the Vietnam War. A system was created that stands by printing fake (meaning “unbacked”) dollars, and this system collapsed with the oil crisis in 1973. The West’s acceptance of US leadership under the banner of anti-communist war has been a factor that slowed the dissolution of this hegemony. This crisis has been overcome with tying the oil sales to the dollar; however an even bigger one came on the doorstep.

Economically, Germany and Japan have outstripped the US economy since the 1970s. US took the lead of shifting production to China with the rapid movement opportunities provided by the world banking system under its control, and took a breather, but this did not last long. The economies of Germany and Japan surpassed the US economy with a serious development. Those who look at the issue with national income figures, of course, cannot see this.

The US economy is mostly based on the military industry. It is a militaristic economy. However, the Japanese and German economies are less militaristic, due to the prohibitions that resulted from the Second World War.

The dissolution of the Soviets somewhat reduced the impositions of the anti-communist war, and this situation began to bring forth the war of partition between the imperialist powers. The rivalry between Germany and the USA in Eastern Europe and the Balkans is well known. Germany has spread heavily to Eastern Europe.

Today, there is a war of partition between the five major imperialist powers. These are the US, Germany, Japan, the UK and France. Setting aside some other countries like, Italy, Canada etc., because they have lesser influence, does not affect the understanding of the situation. Of course, they are also in this war.

In this war, it is Germany and Japan who are pressuring the power of the US economically. But politically, France and Britain have the opportunity to act with more ease. This situation affects the formation and dissolution of temporary alliances and the process of their re-formation.

Today, the US is superior to its rivals in the military field.

It wants to reflect this situation on the field.

When the twin towers were brought down, the US took advantage of this and invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. These occupation/invasion policies made us think once more about what our front calls “neocolonialism”. It should. The age of imperialism allows for the colonization of countries without war. The export of capital provides this. This is true. However, in a world without the Soviets, capital can bolder than before in introducing its policies of occupation, and it has been so.

During the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, the “one world state” or “empire” policy boldly proclaimed by Kissinger, had reached the point of “does the USA need a foreign policy” arrogance. The world was seen as the space of dominance of the United States. The whole world was “domestic” for the USA; there was no need for foreign policy.

This is the first period of post-Soviet US policy.

But it did not give the desired result.

GMEI (Greater Middle East Initiative), which ravaged our region, belongs to this first period. However, there were needs for alterations in this project that did not give the desired result. Because, during this period, Germany and Japan, as well as Britain, which is a NATO ally, made moves to get rid of the control of the US and made progress in this way. The Obama era is the era of these alterations. The US has taken action to reorganize its forces and to deploy new forces to stop the dissolution of its hegemony. Libya, then the Syrian war, is, in fact, a test of this old policy once again. But the result is even worse.

In the Syrian war, Russia and China’s landing on the field has changed the situation.

The imperialist Western powers did not accept Russia and China as new partners to the capitalist world system, but imposed colonization on them. It is tragic: While Russia and China were socialist countries, they were not accepted by the system, but they were not accepted again when they turned towards the capitalist path. New colonial territories were required to the imperialist world. And these two great powers rejected this. Russia’s military power and China’s economic power have affected the whole system and accelerated the disintegration of US hegemony.

At one stage of the Syrian war, in 2013, Russia and China openly stepped on the field. This resulted in the US’s defeat in Syria (although, no defeat is a complete defeat as long as the war continues) and this situation started to disintegrate the hegemony even more.

In this situation, the US created a new enemy in order to hold the Western front together. The Islamic elements fed and used in the Green Belt, which is the product of the long years of Soviet encirclement policy, were put on the field as the common enemy of the West, with names such as ISIS and Al Qaeda. Today, including Afghanistan and Iraq, the US has not been able to achieve what they wanted. The situation in Syria is far from victory for the US.

Here, the new US policy that started with Biden -which will be remembered with Harris in the near future after Biden-has been put forth to resurrect NATO, regroup and wage a more open war against Russia and China.

The Ukraine issue is an example of the implementation of this open war policy.

The United States has activated NATO.

NATO is a war machine of the imperialist camp. NATO has nothing to do with peace or democracy, as some of our liberal leftists and fans of the EU think. Not in the least, never has been. The liberal left’s admiration for the West is a remnant of the anti-communist Cold War era, it means nothing else. For this reason, if they say that we should stick to the Western values, including NATO membership, it is objectively the defense of the imperialist front, if not blindness.

NATO is identical with anti-communism, it is identical with warmongering, it is identical with the imperialist aggression of the Western world, and it is one of the most important instruments of the US hegemony. Today, it is the most important international organization remaining in the hands of the US to maintain its hegemony.

The US failed to unite the entire Western front around itself with the fear of ISIS. This no longer works. In this case, instead of the old enemy, the Soviets, the new enemy is described as Russia and China.

The US says to its imperialist rivals, “let’s defeat Russia and China together, then a brand new colonial geography will open up before us”. That is their project.

Today, this project works in the form of making Russia the main target.

It is understandable.

The US, which is militarily superior to its rivals, presents Russia’s military power as a threat. This is what it did in Ukraine. It wants them to be afraid of this military power. Thus, it wants them to take shelter under its wing against Russia.

On the other hand, investments are made to the possibility that if threats of aggression against Russia increase, Russia could break its alliance with China. So this is a two-way strategy; first, breaking the alliance of Russia and China, second, putting the EU back under US control.

This means that the Ukraine war is as much a provocation against Russia as a clear threat to the EU.

It is not possible for the EU, Germany, Japan and France not to see this. Britain, on the other hand, tries to secure itself by getting closer to the US in this process and announces that it is a candidate for the throne of the US. It wishes to do so as its deputy, without conflicting with the United States.

Starting from November 2021, the Ukraine problem was exposed and exacerbated.

The US made a show of power in the Black Sea, Britain followed, France as well. But the situation changed when Russia shot down two of its own satellites in space in this friction.

This time, soldiers, military experts, ISIS fighters, paramilitary forces, weapons, etc. have begun to pile up in Ukraine to support the Neo-Nazis. Ukraine is using all kinds of provocations and attacks against the two regions that have declared their independence. On the other hand, Russia started moves that will give the message that if war is necessary, we are ready.

Tension has been escalated.

All Western media, if not all most, are fed with false and fabricated news and it was presented as if it were a fact that Russia will invade Ukraine. In this way, an artificial reality is produced. On the Western front, this is an old habit, an outdated trick, and it seems desperation that the old tricks are used so vigorously.

Of course, all this tension can also cause the ropes to break from one point. The United States and the West recalled their citizens from Ukraine and evacuated their embassies in Kiev. Thus, the thesis of the Russian occupation is processed.

The attempt in Kazakhstan to encircle Russia was in vain. Now, if war cries don’t work in Ukraine, the United States takes the position that it will do anything for a provocation.

Russia has openly wanted NATO to withdraw from its borders.

NATO is intended to be kept alive as a war machine and as the military support of US hegemony during the Cold War. The incendiaries of the Korean War are the USA and NATO. Turkey is a country that became a member of NATO by paying the price of participating in the Korean War.

NATO has been a civil war organization that creates and nurtures devices like Gladio in member countries. There are traces of NATO in every massacre that has taken place in our country since 1952.

Today, the former socialist countries of Eastern Europe are eager to gather together under the umbrella of NATO.

The Ukraine process has shown that these countries are not very aware of the path they are taking. All hell broke loose when the Ukrainian ambassador to Britain said on one occasion that they did not want war and were ready to give up their NATO membership. The United States and Britain rejected these statements. Is Ukraine an independent country now? The President of Ukraine corrected the ambassador’s statements. This means that the US and NATO forces are trying to be dominant in Ukraine. This is a secret civil war in Ukraine.

Biden’s tidal mind was not sufficient for the situation, and Harris stepped in. She began to make explanations. This means that this civil war has the tendency to create turmoil within the US as well.

In this whole process, the two hit men of the US, Poland and Turkey, stepped in.

The Turkish state is a clear US hitman. We know this from Syria, Iraq, Libya, the Aegean Sea and the Caucasus. Now the Black Sea and Ukraine are added to this. The Palace Regime has openly declared that it is on the Ukrainian front. Afterwards, it proposed mediation between Russia and Ukraine in order to reconcile the situation. Russia’s stance caused NATO to take a step back.

Currently, NATO is declaring that Russia is actually planning to invade all of Europe.

As the imperialist domination, fed by darkness, raises its war cries, it increases the darkness even more in order to hide and turns it into pitch darkness. All the Western press, together, is behind this propaganda.

Here are the Western values for you.

Here is the ethics of journalism for you.

Here is the freedom of information for you.

This is the West which makes all kinds of excuses for not accepting Sputnik V, the first vaccine developed against the pandemic, that liberal “intellectuals” embrace for its values of humanity. Imperialists always wear masks, always take shelter in the dark instead of standing under the sun, always act like champions of democracy, and present their own values as “values of humanity” in every field. Go to the British, American, Dutch, Spanish colonies and ask them what these values are, what it means to bring civilization. Go to Iraq and ask dead, orphaned, crippled children how democracy is being carried over.

These are the values that put on a pedestal as Western values.

NATO is the bloody organization of this system, the warmonger, the military power of a network that threatens the world; it is the monopoly domination itself.

Is this the NATO that the people of Ukraine want?

If the Ukrainian people were asked, would they be in favor of a war with Russia?

Power was taken in Ukraine with old Nazi leftovers brought from Canada and the US. Is it possible to sell this to the Ukrainian people as a democracy?

The US has to continue its war policies. This is a vital issue for it. Otherwise, it will lose its hegemony. Will it accept losing its hegemony peacefully? We don’t think so. That would be a very, very optimistic approach. The destructiveness of war is clear, but can submission to NATO and the United States be a guarantee of peace?

The US is militarily stronger than its other imperialist rivals, and this is still the case. Germany and Japan want to postpone this war, not because they are very peace-loving, but because their military strength is not enough.

Britain’s strange Prime Minister, Johnson, claims that Russia is planning a bigger war than in 1945. However, the Second World War is known as a war started by Hitler’s Germany. Johnson looks at the consequences of this war and remembers the Red Army’s landing at the gates of Berlin. It would be a mistake, of course, to expect him to remember the 20 million Soviet people who died.

The Palace Regime is the US hitman in this war. Nobody will ask Turkey whose side it is on. The Palace Regime is both in favor of this war for its own future and the war economy requires it. This is not only Erdogan’s wish, but also the policy of the entire Turkish state, its indispensable policy.

For this reason, the Turkish state acts more pro-US than the US when it comes to war policies. That’s what being a hitman is. It requires it.

War hysteria seems to have engulfed the entire imperialist camp. The hysteria of the US is now gripping all of Europe. However, the main factor that the US threatens is the EU as well as Russia.

All these policies are clear evidence of the US’s desire to make the EU a prisoner of its own policies.

This war is also the result of the crisis of the imperialist system.

The only force that will stop this war is a new wave of socialist revolution that will develop in the world. The world proletariat can prevent such a war. It is the working class and laborers who will suffer the most from this war, and who suffer the most from every war. For this reason, the working class and laborers have to wave the flag of revolution in order to stop this war.

If the US takes a step back in Ukraine today, it will start fueling the war from somewhere else tomorrow. When it withdrew his forces from Afghanistan, the President of the US declared that this withdrawal was made for bigger wars with his mind that comes and goes. Therefore, it is not possible to wait for the US to stop. US imperialism needs this war.

The power to stop this war is the proletariat all over the world.

Now, a new era is opening in the world. This period will be a period when the class struggle will come to the fore. There are signs of this in many ways. Therefore, a social revolution, breaking of the capitalist chain from any part of the world, is highly probable. “The revolutionary will” must set its sights on this point.

In Ukraine, too, a revolution, an upheaval, the possibility of rectifying the whole situation can be realized.

US imperialism will continue to develop all kinds of warmongering against Russia and China, and around them. As the US hitman, the Turkish state will not refrain from diving into all kinds of tensions and wars. In that case, a revolution that will develop in our country is a candidate to be a great opportunity for the world to change.

Of course we know that revolution does not happen by itself. It will be the work of an organization, the vanguard organization of the working class. Only when the working class is united around its revolutionary vanguard can it become a real force, a force that can change the world.

The gap between the objective situation and the subjective power to bring about the revolution is the main issue today. This issue should not lock us in a observing position. On the contrary, we have to wage the struggle for the organization of the working class with all our might. Observing, immobilizing oneself is unacceptable.

March 4, 2022


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