A review on student movement in july

Bills, market and rent prices are a declaration of war. Though the raise in prices have been cornering us, we have been reminded of our ways to live honourably with the growing wave of resistance. CHP (main burgeois opposition party), which acts as a substitute for Palace Regime, fabricate fake political gains and claim role on our achievements. Nevertheless, wind of change blows to our way. We invite every fellow student to take part in the growing resistance, to transform this wind into a storm and thus to organise in the ranks of Kaldıraç. Student movement from July:

Housing is a right thus cannot be sold!

                In the day minimum wage saw 30% per cent increase, which is still under the starvation line, state dormitories saw an 80%. After that price increase on the state dorms, we issued a press release with our comrades from EHP youth in front of Vezneciler dorm.

We invited our fellow students to struggle to claim our rights. We concluded our protest with the slogan ‘You cannot bail out collapsing crony state with our money!’ ‘We are students not customers!’, ‘Housing is a right, thus cannot sold!’.

We invite all fellow students to organise and to struggle for humane living conditions!

( 4th of July )

Alternative graduation in Bogazici

                We arranged an alternative graduation ceremony for the graduation that is tried to be cancelled by the appointed rector because of his fears of protests. We realised our graduation ceremony marching with the participation of academics, students and families.

We will not leave this school before we take the rectorate. Resistance will send away appointees, we will continue to resist until Naci and all other appointees are driven away.

We are coming to rule universities!

( 5th of July )

Justice for Suruç, justice for Gezi!

                We visited Gezi Watch as youth organisations with the maxim of ‘Justice for Suruç, justice for Gezi!’

We issued our press release marched through police barricade in front of Chamber of Architects, called for Suruç remembrance that will take place on 20th of July.

All Hail the resisting peoples of Sri Lanka!

                We hailed Sri Lankan peoples who realised a historic resistance against the economic crisis from Anatolia.

Workers of Koç University are in resistance, students are in the ranks of the working class!

Sub-contractor workers in Koç University made a petition for their right of eid perquisites on 19th of April. 6 of 103 of them were rotated. This is an obvious expulsion and done to prevent righteous struggle of workers.

We supported and grew the resistance participating in it, made new petitions and collected signatures.

In the first day of the resistance, military police took workers, students and others who came to support the resistance under custody by utilising Koç University service buses. Although, this did not frighten resisting workers, they kept on to resist in front of the gate.

In the third day, sub-contractor company refused to give them their rights and the workers demanded to be official workers of the university.

In the fifth day, they learnt that they were fired however they were determined to resist.

During the process, we organised, spread and grew the resistance together with the workers. Solidarity is the one thing giving us strength, resistance area continues to be the most prominent teacher.

As the Koç University students, we are sided with workers’ struggle for humane and honourable life. Long live worker-student solidarity!

Justice for Suruç, justice for everyone!

                We were again on the streets to commemorate our 33 comrades, on their way to re-establish Kobanê, murdered by state-supported ISIS. We gave out our manifestoes and put up posters around Istanbul. We participated in the Justice Chain and Justice Watch. On 20th of July, right after Justice Watch ended, we called for our protest at Kadıköy. Although, police blockaded us during our march.

106 of our comrades got under custody and 16 of them were detained. 2 of them got house arrest and 14 were remanded on bail.

Murderer state will account for its crimes!

Suruç will be avenged!

By Kaldıraç Üniversite


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