US Hegemony and NATO –
Deniz Adalı

An Anti-NATO protester holds up a banner reading 'NATO= legal terrorism' in front of riot police during a demonstration on April 4, 2009 in Strasbourg. The NATO summit, which marks the organisation's 60th anniversary, is taking place on April 3 and 4, 2009 in Strasbourg and the neighbouring German cities of Baden-Baden and Kehl. AFP PHOTO/DDP/Axel Schmidt (Photo credit should read AXEL SCHMIDT/AFP/Getty Images)

NATO operations against Ukraine, Western operations, foremost by US-Britain and Canada, have in the end reached a limit and Russia responded with a military operation. Today, two months later, it looks like what is actually happening can be seen through the Western created black propaganda about Russia’s military operation and what is really happening in Ukraine.

Ukraine, in the hands of the US and the West, became a field of operation against Russia, and today the whole country became an arena of war. No country, even under the rule of the bourgeois state, can be said to rationally want its country to become an arena of war. But Ukraine, with its Neo-Nazi administration, has since 2014 turned its own country into a territory operation. For the neo-Nazis, this is not a “homeland” and they call acting on the orders of international monopolies, US imperialism and NATO, a “national”, “patriotic” consciousness.  

The battleground is Ukraine.

However, the warring parties are NATO and Russia.

Fikret Soydan has an analysis in the May 2022 issue of Kaldıraç. It is striking: the combatants are Russia and NATO through the USA-Britain, the battlefield is Ukraine, but Germany has been the first to surrender, and Germany raised its white flag for the US. The victory of the US was to take over Germany and France once again on the basis of its own policies.

Now, NATO wants to expand further, Sweden and Finland want to join NATO. In other words, these two “neutral” countries, for whatever reason, want to turn their lands into a battlefield. Shall we call this insanity? This has not only emerged in Ukraine, but now, NATO membership is a matter of debate in the Scandinavian countries as well. If this isn’t insanity, what is?

In recent years, the world has seen several wars.

The invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq were the signs of a return to de facto occupation policies by the US. This did not give the desired result. Invasions were made, but the results did not, as desired, serve the idea of ​​establishing a “world empire” of the US. All other imperialist powers did not bow before the US. Britain, France, Germany, and Japan continued to gnaw at US dominance. Moreover, China and Russia, which are no longer socialist countries in the world, but remain independent countries to which they owe their socialist past, did not succumb to the process.

Yugoslavia was an important experience for the whole West. It was disbanded, and Russia did not speak up. Russia and China did not speak out, neither in Yugoslavia nor in Libya.

Libya and Yemen wars were activated. In Yemen, the US wanted to get results through Saudi Arabia. Libya was an attempt by the US to throw a bone to EU countries, especially France, who wanted to break away from itself.

When it came to Syria, things have changed.

Russia and China have decided to land on the field. The “great patience” of Russia and China remained up to this point.

By that day, it was understood that the US will continue its aggression. This is first. Secondly, it has become clear that China and Russia, as new capitalist countries, will not be able to sit at the table of the rulers of the world as equal partners. Whether Russia and China were hoping for this, they are the ones to be asked. But it could not be a secret in those days that the US would perceive them as a threat, as they were independent, non-looted, non-colonialized powers thanks to their socialist past. The sovereign does not take equal partners to his table. If it does, it ceases to dominate.

It seems, to understand this process, a little bit of history is also needed. It will not be easy to explain what is happening, the situation in Ukraine, the Neo-Nazi organizations, the existence of NATO, if we do not supplement it with some historical knowledge.

We talk about capitalist world economy or capitalist-imperialism. We must elaborate on these concepts.

First, we say that the capitalist world-economy is a whole. That is, this capitalist world economy is a single unit. The dominant system of our age is capitalism. Capitalism is a sibling, relative, continuation of previous class societies of slavery and feudalism. And these three class societies also has a “wholeness” within itself. Accordingly, human history can be divided into primitive-communal society, class societies (slavery, feudalism and capitalism) and communism, that is, classless society. We claim that this is true.

Class societies are societies in which there is exploitation, the exploitation of human by human. The most advanced of class societies capitalism.

Class societies are also societies in which colonialism emerged. Colonialism’s most advanced, the most refined, and meaning the same thing, the most brutal form, corresponds to the period of capitalism.

All class societies have states. In all, the state is the state of the ruling class. Each subsequent state internalizes and contains the experiences of the previous ones. Capitalist state is the most developed state, which means the same as the most developed system of domination, which means the same as state that does the most harm to human beings.

During the slave era, an area, a place, a region might not have been colonized for one reason or another. This was possible also in the feudal world. But the capitalist world does not leave any area where it does not colonize. Remember the Native Americans in 1492. They lived more as human beings in a land that was not yet colonized. Those who “discovered” them were not “humans”, they were colonialists. The natives, however, were more human. Those who were at the forefront of the “conqueror” armies themselves wrote about this in astonishment. Columbus’ writings, even today, are shameful. And rest assured, sovereigns do not feel shame, only those who have remained human do.

By the way, no one should lecture us on “common human values”. Thieves tell workers and laborers to be “honest”. Because, if workers and laborers start to expropriate, they will expropriate the property of capitalists who have acquired property from theft. There is no capitalist who has not stolen, exploited, plundered. Even kindergarten children no longer believe in the myth of common human values. Meta dominance does not allow this.

But capitalist society began to dominate beginning in the late 1600s. Detailed information on this is available in many places. The links between the development of capitalist society and colonialism and plunder are known. We recommend the reader our trio works (See, Deniz Adalı, 21. Yüzyıl ve Kapitalist-Emperyalizm”, 2007, “Kapitalizm, İnsan, Bilinç ve Eylem”, 2020 ve “Emperyalizm, Paylaşım Savaşımı ve Devrim”, 2020. All three are published by Kaldıraç Books).

Capitalist development, which began in the 1600s, started to take off in the 1700s and became the world system in the second half of the 1800s.

Countries such as Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands, which had large colonies in the feudal period, began to lose their colonies towards the end of the 1800s in the new capitalist world. England, Germany, Japan, France, US, Russia, Italy started to take the lead. These old ones started to lose their colonies to the new ones. The Ottoman Empire, one of the great colonial powers of the feudal period, had already begun to become a semi-colony by the 1800s.

In this period, the hegemon power of the system was England. England was the empire on which the sun never sets. And starting from the 1870s, the British bourgeoisie, together with their older brethren, the aristocrats, was not only laying the foundations of racism, they were taking action to protect society, that is, their own rule, from the “harms” of science. The emerging working class was making further strides in the 1870s than in 1848, and science had to be stopped. British hegemony assumed the leading role in this regard.

British hegemony was followed by the US hegemony. But the two were quite different. While essentially the same, the US hegemony was taking shape in a different world.

The British hegemony was under pressure by Germany in Europe, Japan in Far Asia, and the US in the Atlantic. France was well behind them. The development of industry in the US and Germany was extremely rapid. And of course Germany was in the middle of Europe, very close to France and England,  and also to Russia, to Austria-Hungary which were further behind.

The First War of Partition, the First World War, emerged in these conditions. They targeted the re-partition of the colonies, especially the Ottomans. Because, for example, in 1910, the world was divided in terms of land into colonies. A new partition was not possible apart from the war, and it was necessary to deal with the lands that were not yet fully colonized. It was also an attempt to end the English century.

US hegemony can actually be thought to start at the end of the First World War. But it wouldn’t be quite right, because it’s a process. US territories were left out of the war, and the US, which did not experience destruction, took a step forward after the war.

But the end of the war could not be accomplished by the imperialist powers as the imperialist partition war. Because, right in the middle of the war, in 1917, with the Great October Revolution, the proletariat came to power in Russia. Soviet power began to spread rapidly. Many small countries joined the revolution. The revolution was also provoking the independence of the peoples. In this environment, all imperialist powers had to stop the war.

The supporter of the war, the imperialist powers, put aside the hostilities among themselves. Partition could no longer go on like this. Partition was left for another period. All imperialist powers took a new stance in order to stop the spread of the revolution and the development of the revolution by the newly born Soviets, who went out of the system.

Not only did they feed the Denikin armies (White Army) against the Soviets under the leadership of England, Japan attacked from the east and England from the west. The defeat of the German revolution in 1919 was a great relief for Europe. By 1921, the siege was complete, and in 1921, the open war against the Soviets was stopped by an agreement. Already, the armies of Denikin were defeated by the Red Army inside.

Thus, a new world was created. Outside the capitalist system, a socialist world that challenged it opened its eyes to the world. Suffocating this revolution was the main goal of the imperialist camp.

The defeated revolution in Germany, of course, brought with it the strengthening of the counter-revolution. The presence of the Soviets also caused some of the heavy debts of the Germans to be forgiven. Thus, new fronts began to be formed between England, the US, and France more as equals, but also within Germany and Japan.

The Second World War was based on strangling the Soviets. The head of the ram was Hitler’s Germany. In this way, Germany would realize its dreams, the capitalist world as a whole would get rid of the Soviets, and then the partition would continue again. Of course, these are all intertwined processes.

In this same period, rising US capitalism was introducing all the “innovations” of monopoly domination and mass production. Advertising, combined with Freud, was pumping the consumer society. Monopolistic large-scale production, mass production, fed the necessity of consuming without “need”. Just as the tomato seller has to shout “tomato”, so must the owners of millions of mass-produced commodities. This shouting was advertising. It was not a situation that can be continued with the philosophy of consume as much as you need. Mass production is the creator of the consumer society. Now, there is no longer the “human”, there is the “consumer individual”. Even if accomplished this, US capitalism faced a major crisis in 1929.

In other words, while Hitler was rising, the capitalist world was also in a deep crisis. War was emerging as the viable solution from every angle.

Meanwhile, the organization of the state was also changing to that which would be appropriate to the world of monopolies. The October Revolution and the revolutions defeated in many countries of the world also gave the sovereigns the opportunity to learn from the class struggle. It is the rule, a revolution that is not victorious is suppressed by counter-revolution. Counter-revolution also means that the sovereign empowers the state machine in every respect. Hitler’s Germany is an example of this. And by the way, today’s Britain, the USA, is so “sophisticated” in this regard, even more than Hitler’s Germany. The CIA’s actions, the British and the US state, France, etc., deserve “praise” for a complete mastery besides Hitler’s “experiments”. By the same token, it is also proof that fascism is contained in the modern state.

The Second World War started to change after 1942. The defense of Stalingrad was where Hitler’s defeat began. This time, Germany began to lose. France and England were losing power. The US planned the operation Pearl Harbor to neutralize Japan and dropped atomic bombs on Japan. Thus, the US stood out among the five imperialist powers. The US could now land in Europe to stop the Red Army. It was so.

Thus, after the victory of the Soviets, the capitalist world began to find its new hegemonic power. US hegemony began exactly after 1945, though it was present in some ways before.

The hegemony of the US was realized by gathering the whole imperialist and capitalist world together. Some steps were taken to re-establish the collapsing international economic system. The World Bank, IMF were established. These were put in place to regulate the inner workings of the capitalist world. In the town of Bretton Woods, the new monetary system was adopted. Accordingly, all capitalist world currencies would be indexed to the dollar, and the dollar to gold. This actually meant a huge deficit for the system. But it also meant acceptance of US hegemony. And NATO was founded.

So, some international organizations were established, the monetary system, IMF, World Bank etc. At the same time, a military organization was established, NATO. Thus, all NATO members accepted the US umbrella.

NATU is the instrument of US hegemony.

NATO is the guarantee of the hegemony of the US under the fight against communism.

NATO has been a war machine throughout its history.

NATO, throughout its history, is the creation of secret structures within states under the name of the struggle against communism.

This is how the “US hegemony” we are talking about today was established.

This hegemony has been dissolving economically since the 1970s and politically since the disintegration of the USSR.

US hegemony is dissolving.

This is like the slipping of an object on a sloping ground. US hegemony is losing “altitude”.

The dollar-bound international monetary system has already collapsed. In order to get out of the crisis that emerged between 1971-73, there was a new intervention of the US (apart from the process that works with the printing of counterfeit coins), the US managed to tie gasoline sales to the dollar. The concept of petro-dollar comes from those days. Today, for example, Saudi Arabia does not even have control over its own oil revenues. The money is deposited in US banks, and in 2001 the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia could not receive even a penny of that $6 trillion. The US is printing unbacked money. This is no longer called “a Soviet lie” as it used to be. It was not a lie then either, but today there is no one who does not accept it. The birth of the euro is also related to this. Cryptocurrencies should also be included here. Russia’s proposals to trade without the dollar have been troubling the United States since 2008.

The IMF and the World Bank do not have their former roles. For this reason, the British Royal Family, through the world’s great monopolies, and organizations such as the World Economic Forum speak of “the great reset”. In this way, they talk about creating a new international system. Because the existing one has collapsed.

Among these international organizations, NATO still exists.

During the Trump era, Trump demanded that NATO allies give more money to the organization. He said that NATO is an economic burden for the US. But with Biden, the strategy changed and there was an attempt at resurrecting NATO.

The turning point here is two events: The first is the 2008 crisis. This is the end of neoliberalism. This crisis still continues. The second is the rise of Russia and China in the Syrian war and their landing in the field. When Russia’s military attitude was added to China’s economic moves, the US openly declared these two enemies.

What is pushing the US hegemony is the development of the economies of Germany and Japan. In addition, England and France also raised various demands.

Instead of going to war with all these powers, the US first put all of them on its side and put the war against Russia and China forward.

Here, the Taiwan issue, the Syrian war, and the US-England-Canada operations in Ukraine are all geared towards this goal.

The Ukrainian war seems to have taken an effective place in this regard.

Germany surrendered directly to the United States, following Russia’s launch of operations against NATO forces. France and Germany both lost their political power against the US, even within the EU. This, of course, is the gain of the UA.

Now, the United States wants to further enlarge NATO.

While the Soviets existed, NATO, which was said to have been established against the communist threat, had 16 members. We, the people living in Turkey, have known what NATO means for the last 70 years. NATO is sending troops to Korea. NATO is the events of 6-7 September. NATO means coups. NATO is the Maraş and Çorum massacres. NATO is the September 12 coup. NATO means CIA involvement in the torture of revolutionaries. NATO is the hanging of the Deniz and his comrades. NATO is Diyarbakir torture chambers. NATO is the May Day massacre. NATO is the March 16 massacre, etc. NATO is Ergenekon, Gladio. Much more can be added. Whoever calls NATO the “guardian of democracy” is a sold out soul.

Today, NATO has grown to 30 members after the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact.

Against whom, against what, is this an expansion for?

NATO is, of course, an attempt to keep the US hegemony.

In fact, a disintegrating institution is kept alive by the US through the force of arms. NATO is the United States’ way of imposing its wishes on what it calls “allies”.

Today, NATO has received applications from Sweden and Finland.

By using the Ukraine operation as an excuse, the fear of Russia is being pumped in Europe. This fear is highly functional to make the entire EU a US prisoner.

Here are some conclusions from this.

The United States is seeing the disintegration of its hegemony. For example, it does not personally confront Russia in Ukraine. US says that we would not enter into an open conflict with Russia, even though it even brought its generals to war. Even though Ukraine has turned the field into a battlefield, US takes this stance.

This is because the US wants to organize EU forces against Russia. He wants to cut off relations between the EU and Russia. It feeds anti-Russian hatred like a witch hunt. EU monopolies should be content with this for now. No EU country, with the exception of a few Balkan countries, openly takes a stand against this situation. In this way, US increases its sovereignty over EU countries, mainly Germany and France. Every part of Europe is equipped with bases, US soldiers are deployed everywhere. The EU has already stopped itself from being a “power”. Moreover, with these attitudes, they have made Europe a battleground again.

With its program of sanctions against Russia, US is trying to control the so-called market. It is unclear how effective these sanctions will be. The US has planted a serious seed of Russian hostility in the EU countries. This Russian hostility is explicit in many countries, large and small. But it seems difficult for the sanctions to produce the desired results. Because, while Russia needs the others less, the West needs Russia more for both luxury consumption, energy and raw materials. Russia’s relations with China make it easy to procure many products from there. Moreover, new countries are joining this front.

With this attack, the US and the Western powers have openly declared that they will not see Russia and China as capitalist partners. While they were socialists, they were already enemies of the West. Now this is still going on. This situation seems to result in Russia and China forming an economic system around them.

It should be noted that the process that started in Ukraine is like a harbinger of the establishment of a new order in the world. In this new order, there is an aspect beyond the wishes of those who shout “the great reset”. Russia and China are forming a new line and it has been clear that they will transform this into a commercial system.

However, with its moves so far, the US has also declared that it cannot maintain its hegemony by escalating tensions and shouting war cries. Neither a solution can be produced for the economic crisis that started in 2008, nor could they achieve the results they wanted with the pandemic. It seems that the results they have obtained with the Ukraine operation will not be enough.

Therefore, the US will continue its attacks.

Sweden and Finland are new fields in this respect. Both countries, for themselves, follow the example of Ukraine and go into the mud.

Secondly, the USA is trying to organize attacks on China over the Taiwan issue and actively support Japan in this field. It is known that the US does not hesitate to make moves on this issue. Japan’s participation in this seems possible, though not in all scenarios. Moreover, it is certain that US will make other moves in the region. Although South Korea is not as eager to plunge into such a war as Turkey, it is not possible to say that the US has played all its cards in this region so far.

Another field is the Syrian field. It seems that Turkey is eager to undertake new tasks in this field. It would be a mistake to think that the US will hold back from the operation against Iran. It is possible that US will drive Turkey into this area, even though it will not directly intervene. Especially when the EU, especially Germany and France, have taken refuge in the arms of the US, it is very possible that attacks against Iran will come to the fore.

It seems that the US will take care to keep the war away from its own soil. Therefore, it seeks to take more careful steps in Latin America. But it is certain that US is making moves in this area as well.

Today, the US wants to extend the Ukraine process. Attempts to seize Russia’s goods continue all over the West. This situation did not turn into a response in the form of Russian counter-attacks. As it is understood, Russia does not prefer to seize. For example, it makes moves like buying McDonald’s and buying Shell’s shares. While the West continues to seize the assets of Russian businessmen and the Russian state, Russia overtly defines these as theft, and it refrains from responding in the same way. We don’t know why this is the case yet. It is clear that they have a care here. While the West, which entered Ukraine, did not hesitate to destroy its military equipment, the purchase of the assets of companies withdrawing from Russia exhibits a different attitude.

Russia and China are not embarking on a path to return to their socialist past, to which they owe their present independent status. It seems that they will not go down this road either.

On the other hand, it seems that a process such as the self-dissolution of NATO will not come about. Will the EU, especially Germany and France, be able to make some moves after this war atmosphere? This is a question. But today, it seems very difficult to say that they have such remaining power.

Thus, the US, in fact, seems to have once again brought the war of partition between the five imperialist powers under control in its favor. As Biden, shaking hands with the air, begins to soften his rhetoric, England continues to make threats with a higher pitch.

It seems that the US wants both to keep NATO alive and to push the EU, UK, Japan group into the field against Russia and China.

Meanwhile, it is constantly busy with finding and developing new crisis areas and new attack points that will feed this process.

The desire to make moves to Ukraine via Poland is clear. Although Poland did not openly participate in this process, it seems very difficult to say that it is not inclined to it. In this respect, the process may change with the new US moves. A military move from the Polish border directly to Ukraine would escalate the war.

All this will neither ensure the dominance of the dollar nor alleviate the economic crisis. On the contrary, new costs will come into play, especially for the EU, depending on the energy problem and its costs. While the crisis hit the US more yesterday, it will start to hit the EU more following this. Although this is a development in favor of the UA, it does not seem like it will turn into a permanent process.

If the economic crisis is to deepen, the partition struggle between the imperialist powers seems like it will come to the fore again, even though it has taken a step back. But today, the war is between the Russian-Chinese front and NATO. NATO is a move put forward by the US to protect the US hegemony. It is too early to argue that this will save NATO from disintegration. But at least, hostility to Russia serves as a useful tool for the United States for the time being.

It seems like racist and neo-Nazi attacks that have spread all over Europe will develop further. European states will remove the velvet veil they put over the gears of their states. This process has already begun today, including in the most developed countries. The gears of the state, which does not make one search for Nazism, began to emerge. Racism should be addressed from this aspect as well.

In the shadow of all this, the development of workers’ movements in the world, especially in developed countries, is possible.

It is possible for workers’ movements and mass demonstrations to develop again, to develop further, all over the world, in every country. When these worker and mass actions occur in imperialist centers, centers such as Germany, England, France, the US, and Japan, they will spread a serious impact on the colony countries, even if they do not produce lasting results.

The exit from this entire war environment is possible with the rise of the world proletariat. A socialist revolution that will develop in a few influential centers of the world is capable of creating rapid and lasting effects in all areas of the world. Our region is one of these centers. Revolutionary internationalism must take root in our region. In our region, for example, a socialist revolution in Turkey will have serious effects on the Balkans, the Caucasus and the Middle East, since it is where we live, and this socialist revolution has the opportunity to spread rapidly.

For this reason, it is necessary to fuel the fire of the revolution with great energy, with great conviction. It is not a time to look at developments and become pessimistic. A wind is enough to disperse the dark clouds in the sky.

The issue lies in the organization of the working class, the development of resistances, whether big or small, and the revolutionary will that will be put in this direction.


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