A new future cannot be established without holding accountable those responsible of the massacre that came with destruction!

A new crime of the palace is revealed everyday as it sheds its crocodile tears and asks for forgiveness. As one day, it is revealed that children who were rescued from the earthquake were given to the dormitories of religious cults, the next day we learn that tents which were vitally needed after the earthquake were being sold. 

When the filth flows from all over the Palace Regime, the bourgeois opposition points to the day after the election to open a “clean page,” instead of insisting on asking for the account of the destruction. There is no tomorrow to be established without raising this demand of reckoning with this system, which condemned hundreds of thousands of people to death under debris. The death of at least 200 thousand people, the massacre and the subsequent dirt, cannot be swept under discussions of elections and candidates. If a human and honorable life will be established tomorrow, this will only be possible through the organized struggle of millions of millions of those who are mobilized at the first moment to heal their own wounds.

The question of how millions of people will meet their most basic vital needs is in front of us.

The question of the fate of thousands of children who lost their families is in front of us. 

The question of how to organize the process of reconstruction of destroyed cities by preserving historical demographic identities and without sacrificing cities to profit and looting is in front of us.

The question of how and when those responsible of this massacre, from the President to ministers, from the construction gangs to the municipalities, will face trial is in front of us.

Every debate that does not produce answers to these questions will help to throw soil on the real process.

The only way to prevent this is to transform the desire for solidarity, the anger that moves the millions into organization. 

All the social groups that acted from the first time moment of the earthquake should continue to enlarge the solidarity carried out with the earthquake zones and increase the struggle to hold accountable all those responsible.

We will never forget, we will never forgive.

March 3, 2023


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