Killer US, get out of the Middle East!

We were in front of the US Consulate, answering the call made by the PFLP. Israel, the outpost of US imperialism in the Middle East, has been massacring the Palestinian people for 75 years.

The full statement is below.

Today we are here at the call of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. We are in Istanbul, in front of the Consulate of the US, the killer of the people, to show that we stand with the Palestinian people, who have brought a new dimension to their resistance by carrying the war to the lands of the occupiers since the Aqsa Flood Operation carried out in Palestine on October 7.

Established as the outpost of US imperialism in the Middle East, Israel has been massacring the Palestinian people for 75 years. Today, at this point, Zionist Israel, which has killed more than 8 thousand Palestinians, comes across Palestinian resistance having an invincible will.

While the collaborative Turkish state speaks of solidarity with Palestine under the name of ‘religious brotherhood’, it actually meets the food needs of the Israeli army with great passion. Cutting relations does not happen by coming out from the podium and saying “I will not meet with Netanyahu anymore”. Cutting off relations means that the ships that have been going to Israel from here since the war started will not go. Cutting off relations means imposing sanctions on companies with Israeli partnerships. Cutting off relations means stopping all Israeli-funded R&D studies; it means cutting off all diplomatic, political, commercial, academic and military relations with Israel.
Those who do not break off relations are complicit in the massacre!

Israel’s genocide on Palestine continues with the open support of the West. İn fact the missiles that bomb hospitals are a gift from the USA to Israel. Biden openly said, “As long as the USA exists, Israel will not be alone,” and this is our acceptance. Both will be buried side by side in the dustbin of history.

Today we say there are only two sides.
We will either be on the side of the occupying Zionist Israel, which has been smearing the homes, hospitals, schools and lives of the Palestinian people with blood for 75 years, or we will be on the side of the honorable resistance of the Palestinian people, who have faced all these attacks with an endless will. We are on the side of the Palestinian resistance without any ifs and buts.

So we say it again
Cut off all relations with Israel
Imperialist bases should be closed
End the occupation in Palestine

In line with the call of the Palestinian resistance, we call on everyone to mass actions against the imperialist centers and the Zionist occupier Israel.

29 October 2023



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