A thousand greetings to those who fight and have fallen in Palestine!

The occupation state in Palestine has been continuing its brutal attack on Jenin for two days. The Occupation forces, which have killed ten people and injured hundreds so far, have added a new one to their bloody massacres.

When you think of a refugee camp, don’t think of a settlement full of tents. This is the area where Palestinians, who, like many others, have been exiled from their land for decades, have built new cities. In other words, Israel is attacking neighborhoods and civilians, forcing them to migrate and displacing them, which has been reiterated countless times. According to the statement of the Palestine Red Crescent, more than three thousand Palestinians were evacuated in two days.

Apartheid Israel, which is the warden of imperialism in the region, is committing genocide against the Palestinians and expelling the Palestinian people from their homeland.

However, the resistance continues. The Palestinian people are resisting with their stones, slings and weapons; they are resisting the killers attacking Jenin with their armored vehicles and helicopters. The resistance is spreading not only in Jenin, but throughout Palestine. The resisting Palestinian people also hold the Israeli collaborator Palestinian Authority to account.

In order to support the resisting Palestine, we call for a boycott against Israel everywhere and to be the voice of the Palestinian struggle. The common struggle of the peoples will be victorious. The Middle East, the cradle of civilizations, will become a graveyard for imperialism and Zionism!

Freedom for Palestine, boycott against Israel!

The Palestinian people are not alone!

Murderer Israel, get out of Palestine!

Free Palestine from the river to the sea!

Stone against tanks, stone against tanks! The Palestinian people will win!

bi’r-ruh bi’d-dem nafdik, Palestine


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