Ankara Earthquake Solidarity Platform is Founded: Come and Let’s Grow the Solidarity Together!

As a result of the 2 large earthquakes that occurred in the Maraş province, unfortunately tens of thousands of our people lost their lives, hundreds of thousands are injured, and millions are deprived of basic necessities like shelter, food, clothing, health. It is clear that since the earthquake, the state and public institutions have not intervened timely and sufficiently to this colossal destruction. With the consciousness that solidarity will keep alive against the death brought by profit and lack of oversight; many political parties, organizations, chambers, unions, societies and civil initiatives in Ankara built humanitarian aid networks and begun efforts to seek solutions to the immediate problems. We are creating the Ankara Earthquake Solidarity Platform to grow this solidarity network in a more coordinated and organized manner, through the collective mind. 

It is clear that the effects and consequences of this destruction that affects such a large area and population will be long-term; it is a duty faces us to build the necessary preparations, teams, and infrastructures necessary for this. We hope that this platform will on the one hand, create solutions to the immediate problems, and on the other hand respond to the need of coming together to organize and create the coordination and continuity of the long-term solidarity process. It is clear that coordination is needed among ourselves and in municipalities and public institutions not only regarding the needs and problems of the earthquake zones, but also for the needs and problems of the injured/sick, babies, children, those affected by the earthquake who arrive at Ankara. We believe that this platform will hasten and facilitate this coordination. 

Ankara Earthquake Solidarity Platform is not founded as a rigid platform; in time, we can grow and shape a more effective platform together. For now, the platform aims at coordination based on working groups focusing on Housing, Aid-Transportation-Transport to the Earthquake Zone, Food-Nourishment, Goods-Clothing, Psychological Help, Communication and Social Media, Legal Aid, Children, Disability, Education, Youth, Women and Immigrants. We hope that people and representative of organizations who work in, have knowledge and experience on these areas will reach out to us. 

We invite all political parties, organizations, chambers, unions, organizations and civil initiatives in Ankara to join us in this platform to come together, talk about things we can do, grow the solidarity in a collective manner, with the aim of coordinating, organizing, collectivizing the facilities, capacities and solidarity. 


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