Down with Zionist Israel! Down with Imperialism! Free Palestine from river to sea!

Israel has carried the violence it has been escalating against Palestine and the Palestinians for months to another dimension, plundering the Masjid Aqsa and brutally attacking the worshipers. Hundreds of people were injured and ambulance entrances were banned. The number of Palestinians arrested by the occupying army has reached hundreds.

The newly elected Netanyahu government had already declared to the world that it would increase the civil war and massacre of Palestinians by bringing the leader of the hawkish wing called Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power) Itamar Ben-Gvir to the Ministry of National Security (civil war).

The Occupation, which has carried out dozens of operations with the Palestinian Authority to suppress the rising resistance in the 47 lands occupied since the establishment of the new government, especially in the refugee camps that have turned into cities today, could not make the Palestinians take a single step back, the resistance is growing more and more.

The Palestinian will is also growing around the world, and Israel is becoming isolated with the efforts of the International BDS Movement to boycott, withdraw investments and impose sanctions.

As Palestine’s struggle for a dignified existence grows, the enemy becomes more aggressive. What kind of a “democracy” Israel is, “the most modern country in the Middle East”, is becoming increasingly clear. However, the Republic of Turkey maintains its contacts with Israel in every field, continues its profitable investments and trade. The state of Israel is a racially discriminatory occupation force and any economic and political relationship made with it, is against the Palestinians, serves the looting of Palestinian land, the murder of its people, and the exploitation of labor power.

The Palestinian people, with their rising resistance, revolt and courage, did not bow to Zionism and imperialism, and they continue this struggle today. We stand with the resisting Palestinian people, and we will continue to stand by the resistance by raising our struggle against the friends of Israel, wherever we are.


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