Let’s turn our pain, anger into power, and organize!

The state, which does not carry out search and rescue work, keeps the miners waiting at the airports, does not carry cranes, does not send all construction equipment to the area, that does not actually do any work, was able to declare a state of emergency only after 33 hours and declared the earthquake zone a disaster zone.

If we went to the disaster area, it would be a mess, we wouldn’t go to the rescue work, is that so?

As Akşener said, “we will not talk about politics and we will be silent,” is that so!

Are we going to donate 20 Turkish Lira to AFAD and sit down, is that so?

Currently, doctors are volunteers, miners are volunteers, construction workers are volunteers, women, students are volunteers, those who collect supplies, those who collect medicines are volunteers, everyone except the state is volunteering to respond to this disaster. The state, on the other hand, is only a volunteer to declare the state of emergency and prohibit solidarity.

But we do not have planes, trucks, construction equipment, food, water, medicine stored in warehouses under our control.

We are the ones who will best manage this process if they left it all to us, or at the least if they do not obstruct us. We have not reached this stage yet, but they are still afraid of us. Because there is no fear like the fear of those who sell their people, and it is this fear that will move them.

Just as the people in Adıyaman go to the governor’s office and fight for their lives, we have the power to mobilize all the means of the state. Let’s use it.

We see the ‘power’, police and gendarme of this state only when we go on strike, when we are on the streets for our rights as women, when we protect our forests. However, they have planes to carry search and rescue teams, and they have ships to send aid. Let’s take to the streets and fill the squares so that the state will mobilize all its resources to the people.

Let’s be the voice of at least 300 thousand people who were left under the rubble by blocking the incoming aid and not mobilizing sufficient opportunities, let’s make their voices heard, let’s shout out of the windows together, let’s make a sound.

Let’s come together as those who bear this problem, turn this anger and pain inside us into power and organize it.


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