Statement on the Massacre of Migrants at the Spanish-Moroccan Border

On June 24, Spanish and Moroccan states committed a massacre against black African migrants mostly from Sudan, South Sudan, Chad and Niger trying to cross the Spanish territory Melilla. The brutality of the Spanish and Moroccan police is revealed in many videos that illustrate police firing tear gas, throwing stones, and beating up injured migrants on the ground. Reports say at least 37 migrants were killed, some sources claiming a death toll larger than 80.

The capitalist imperialist system, as it spreads violence and exploitation, makes many parts of the world unliveable through war. At the same time, it creates xenophobia and racism against migrants who not only flee the violence created by capitalist imperialism but also try to reach the life in the West created by exploitation and advertised as paradise through its cultural hegemony all around the world.

The migrants at the bottom of the Mediterranean, migrants beaten to death at the Morocco-Spain border know the true nature of Western capitalist countries that show themselves to be the most democratic and humane of civilizations. Spain and Morocco recently signed an agreement that increases cooperation between the two states in controlling immigration flow and paves the way for more violent enforcement. The recent attack as such is an example of Western countries subcontracting their dirty business to other countries. In this manner, they export their borders to other countries. The Turkish Republic is one of these states that controls migration for Europe and brutalizes other Middle Eastern people when necessary at the border.

Involvement of Morocco, a previously colonized country, in the massacre against migrants from other previously colonized countries shows how racism and the legacy of colonialism continues to undermine solidarity between oppressed peoples. Racist ideology, xenophobia and actions of puppet states of capitalist imperialism should not damage the solidarity of peoples.

Only international solidarity of the working class can end the capitalist imperialist system.

Only socialist revolution can build a world without borders.

Down with the two-faced hegemony of capitalist, so-called “democratic” Western states and their puppet collaborators!

Forward to the revolution, either socialism or death!


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