Where will you contemptible parasites flee?

It’s been six days.

Hundreds of thousands of people, lives.

You, me, them.

All those who see us deserving of this, all of them, are enemies of the people. We also have “notebooks”.¹

It is said that there is no state. The state and the people-workers are two different poles, they are always against each other as such. So the state exists and that is it.

Let’s admit that they are enemies, they are enemies of the people together, all of them.

On the first day, it was the state that said “Our time is the time to be silent, it is the time for the state to speak”; again, after the declaration of the state of emergency, it is the state that says “Of course, we support every step that will benefit our citizens in such a sensitive process”.

There is also AFAD², which is said to have “honorable bureaucrats” in it, and given the directive to stand at the center of all efforts of the state, a state which is a disaster in itself!

AFAD, which has proven over and over again that it has nothing to do with disasters other than the one in its name, is a civil war organization, subordinate to the Ministry of Interior. It has become an enemy of the people with the Presidential Decree No. 4, after the 2018 elections. There cannot be a single honorable director of AFAD, as all of them are “qualified”. They are qualified in this order based on plunder, profit and war, they all know their job.

The concerts organized by the municipalities with the money given to AFAD, funds that are transferred to the foundations, how these were deleted from the Court of Accounts reports, etc. is known by everyone.

This is not a destiny plan, rather, it is a planned destiny. We see this in fires, in the pandemic, in floods.

Yes, we have some things that we accept.

It was accepted by everyone, for example, that we were alone in the first hours. The first earthquake happened at 04.17am, everyone woke up and only after the 2nd hour, didn’t volunteers from dozens of cities start to go to the area? When the sun was rising the same day, didn’t volunteers, revolutionaries, start collecting items for urgent needs in dozens of centers? Didn’t the phone calls of “they can’t do it, I’m taking a leave from work, I can come”, “I’m a builder, I’m an engineer, I’m a miner” answer those who announced “We’re going to the region”? We must take this acceptance one step further, we always have only each other. They are trying to leave us under the wreckage of this appalling order for 365 days. Let’s admit this as well.

For example, let’s take the declaration of state of emergency, who was surprised? Well this is the state; however, the state of emergency was not enough, so let’s add some racism! Immigrants, primarily Syrians, are declared to be looters in the ongoing campaign encouraged by the state’s political and social media agents, some calling for those who attain necessary subsistence items from stores to be shot by the military. Are you looking for a looter? There’re tons of them in front of us, like companies announced tax-deductible benefits for their aid support for the earthquake.

And now even being arrested has become something that everyone would consider an honor. Shouldn’t we take another step in this case? Why should we recognize any of the laws of an order where asking for and delivering humanitarian aid is a reason for arrest?

We are on the sixth day… All of them are public enemies. Now and always, we only have each other.

There are hundreds of thousands of us under the rubble. Quickly;

  • The solidarity and coordination centers that are established in the earthquake zones should spread to all regions. The impact of this destruction, in which millions of people are affected, will be long-lasting. The mobilization for solidarity has to turn into a long-term organization.
  • Solidarity is not just delivering parcels. While this is AFAD and this is the state, mechanisms should be established in all solidarity centers to ensure that the parcels given by the people go to the right place.
  • Solidarity centers established with earthquake victims in the region have accomplished extraordinary things under limited resources and capabilities, from search and rescue to weaving a new life,. It is very important to increase the number of these centers and to extend the collective work here in a long-term process.

Let’s spread this struggle, which has been waged by millions of people with the same feeling for 6 days, to the whole of life.

Before us is a long-term struggle, in which we will send all the enemies of the people to the depths of hell.

11 February 2023

¹ Erdoğan noted that they are noting down in their notebooks all those who are against their reaction and engaging in solidarity at this moment of crisis. 

² The state’s emergency response agency for disasters. 


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